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You’ve decided to embark on the path of looking for a new solution or partner to take your data management and analytics to the next level. Research can quickly turn into information overload, especially when deciding between options like consultants and platforms that simply aren’t apples to apples. We provide resources to help you navigate this rocky beginning.


From a quick overview to a deep dive demo and explanation of our services and capabilities, we ensure you have every necessary detail to make the right choice for your district or education agency.

Check out our Data Management and Analytics Buyer’s Guide.

Ready to Design the Right Solution for You?

We’ll translate your goals, projects, and initiatives into a designed solution crafted by our team of education and data experts. Our team has a unique balance of years of deep technical experience and education industry knowledge. This blended expertise enables us to not only provide the best technology available, but also tailor our platform and processes to meet your specific needs.


The best fit might be robust and complex from the start in order to meet your advanced goals. Or, you might be looking to roll out a project in phases over multiple years, or maybe you want to start small and strategic to make the biggest immediate impact. No matter what success looks like for you, we can provide the right recommendations and insights based on our experience serving over 800 school districts.

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Creating a Project Plan

Starting a new project is fraught with challenges — both known and unknown — that bog down your process and necessitate quick problem solving. But don’t worry: we’ve been successfully through this process before.


Turn your vision into reality by getting your program off the ground and on the right track. Our talented project managers and solution architects will work with you to develop an in-depth project plan with timelines and goals set along the way. This helps us ensure that your project is successfully deployed (and we get to keep our perfect record for implementations).

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Time to Implement Your Solution

We have a 100% implementation success rate — and we work hard to keep it that way. From the first step to the last, you’ll have an account manager dedicated to constant communication. Questions inevitably arise (especially during implementation), and your account lead can leverage years of experience in education and with our solution to provide the answers — or connect you with one of our internal experts.


“It's exciting to work with our customers who are on the cutting-edge of bringing analytics and education together. It’s a true partnership to bring to life their vision and keep the project moving forward.”

Shayne Kendall, Account Manager

Discover how our data management and analytics solution works.

You’re Up and Running

We don’t stop supporting you once your solution has been implemented. Data analytics are only impactful if your leadership, teachers, and staff know how to use them.


Through a series of embedded tools, from professional learning videos to data definitions, our platform is built to help you succeed. Additionally, we support you in building internal skill sets, professional learning, and connecting with other users to develop best practices.

Why choose Hoonuit?

Connecting to Customer Support

Once your platform is up and running, we will continue to support and grow with you through ongoing technical support. From basic setup to complex integrations, Hoonuit’s team of resourceful technical support engineers are always ready and willing to help.

“Our passion is providing educators with the information they need to validate their gut feelings and make the best decisions possible for their students. That's why we work tirelessly to make sure our customers have access to current and accurate data every day.”

Kevin Benson, Director of Implementation Services

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Advanced Customization and Configurability

Because our solution is so robust and implementation can often feel overwhelming, we provide out-of-the-box setup using best practices developed through two decades of refinement. However, we know that each of our clients is unique — as you work within the system, you may identify opportunities where customization and configurability can help.


Whether you would like our team of experts to help make these changes on your behalf or if you have the internal resources with the skill sets to make these changes, we’ve built our solution with robust customization and advanced configurability in mind.   

Dive deeper into how our solution works.

New Project or Initiative?

Every new school year brings new challenges, opportunities, and goals. We can help you leverage powerful data analytics to support them all. Whether it’s as simple as showing you how to configure existing setups or building a new module to accomplish new goals, we have the technical support and solutions to make sure you enjoy continued success.


In addition to our established suite of software solutions, we work closely with educators to develop what they need next. Simply tell us your goals and we can work together to determine how best to achieve them.


Learn more about our solution sets, including Early Warning and Intervention, College and Career Readiness, and Accountability Analytics.


The Journey Continues

The powerful thing about working with Hoonuit is our ability to scale with you. No matter what the next step in the journey is for you, we’re here to be your continued partner. Data analytics is a powerful tool for every area of education, and we find most of our clients are continuously expanding how they employ it.

“Hoonuit makes our work possible. Their skills and support give us the tools we need to do the hard work of transforming our education system and the lives of all the children that walk through our doors every day.”

Marcy Lauck, Sr. Director of Data Governance, Santa Clara County Office of Education

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