Professional Learning

Drive effective instruction, foster community engagement, and advance student readiness with a comprehensive professional learning delivery system.

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Personalized Learning Provided On-Demand

Designed to support initiatives and drive positive change for schools, educators, and students, Hoonuit’s Professional Learning solution is a personalized and flexible platform built to deliver instructional content that best meets learners’ needs.


We provide over 100,000 hours of technology training and professional development content on topics like personalized learning and social emotional development. Additionally, the solution provides advanced platform features, including:


  • Content creation toolkit to easily add your own content to the platform
  • Instant video transcription and translation
  • Micro-credentials and personalized learning pathways aligned to your standards
  • Advanced tracking and reporting
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Professional Learning Delivery System

Hoonuit’s powerful delivery system challenges the status quo in professional learning. It’s highly personalized to give educators autonomy over their learning, competency-based to ensure flexibility over the way learning is demonstrated, and sustained to offer ongoing learning opportunities for educators. Additionally, the system allows educators to collaborate with peers in a data-driven environment so they can make informed decisions that impact student success.

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Data-Driven Decision Making

Making informed, data-driven decisions in the classroom and at the administrator level is key to the success of students, schools, and districts. Hoonuit’s robust reporting keeps education programs on track. We understand the importance of reporting on your professional learning efforts, which is why we modeled our solution after ESSA requirements.

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Driving Educational Outcomes

Just as effective teaching doesn’t conform to a one-size-fits-all model, meaningful professional learning programs can take a variety of different forms. Hoonuit’s learning solution was built with this reality in mind. It takes a village to drive positive change, and we built a learning resource that goes beyond the school building walls to reach parents and the community. What’s more, our solution is built to expand teacher capacity to improve student outcomes and close achievement gaps.

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Product Tour

The user-friendly homepage gives you a snapshot of all you can explore; discover top courses, new pathways, and relevant topic areas.

Follow our outcome-based learning framework through each learning module. All videos have instant transcriptions and real-time language translations.

A Pathway is a group of modules relating to one topic that gives a learner a well-rounded understanding of the subject.

Our pathways grant learners the ability to earn micro-credentials on a specific topic. You can badge your own initiatives, as well as deliver, manage, and store all of your learners’ micro-credentials.

We provide intuitive, onscreen reporting for individual learners to track their progress and for program administrators to monitor alignment to district initiatives.

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