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Optimize Your Operations

You can provide every student with equal access to a high-quality education by fully optimizing your operations. Hoonuit's data management and analytics solution offers education agencies transparency into their operational information so they can make data-driven decisions. By bringing together all disparate data sources to provide all-encompassing insights, we empower you to:


  • Improve resource allocation
  • Better understand school climate and organizational culture
  • Support the well-being of every student
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Highlighted Resources

Improve Equitable Spending

Education leaders are challenged to analyze specific program outcomes against their true costs. How do you know if your spending is making an impact? How do you ensure that services are offered equitably across schools and based on student needs? Hoonuit helps you find fiscal efficiencies by quickly connecting per-student spending with successful outcomes to ensure every dollar is allocated where it will make the biggest difference.

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Understand Culture and Climate Impacts

A school’s environment sets the tone for student learning. A positive school climate and culture can help students feel safe, ensure staff feel supported, and improve overall educational outcomes. Hoonuit helps you analyze student engagement, school safety, and the learning environment, as well as centralize the necessary data in a tool that allows you to identify school needs, set goals, and track progress.

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Surface Health and Wellness Insights

Schools struggle with consistently tracking student health data and conducting accurate health and wellness analyses. Hoonuit helps education agencies go beyond compliance when it comes to capturing key student health information and proactively tracking health and wellness trends.

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Analyze per-student expenditures to see a complete return on your instructional and program investments.

Understand key spending trends over time.

Uncover insights about allocated resources to improve maintenance operations.

Analyze school climate survey results grouped by school level.

Analyze school climate survey results grouped by survey question.

Track compliance with health information requirements.

Monitor and understand student health conditions.

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