Human Capital Analytics

Connect and analyze staff impacts on education outcomes.

Deepen the Impact of Teachers, Leadership, and Staff

Manage your talent pool, strengthen pipeline planning, and evaluate outcomes in ways you never thought possible. Hoonuit’s Human Capital solution suite breaks down silos and correlates key data points in ways traditional systems can’t. We empower you to streamline existing data sets, correlate staff data with what’s really happening in the classrooms, and enhance every aspect of your human capital infrastructure. Additionally, we help educators:


  • Identify teacher impact on student outcomes
  • Analyze recruitment pipelines to identify ideal teachers and site leadership
  • Review teacher-to-student assignments to identify patterns and analyze placements
  • Develop incentive plans that are aligned with student gains
  • Understand teacher retention: who moves between schools within the system, takes non-teaching positions, and leaves education altogether
  • Evaluate how professional development contributes to outcomes


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Leadership Pipelines

Hoonuit gets the right data into the hands of education leaders so they can identify and cultivate top talent. By linking student and teacher data with the performance of leaders (and potential ones), we empower administrators with insights that improve policies and practices.


Our Human Capital solution suite collects and consolidates data in a way that develops leadership profiles (e.g., school performance, educational background, leadership/training experiences, specific skills), uncovers and predicts leadership needs (e.g., staffing and training), and creates customized reports to indicate leadership readiness.


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Educator Effectiveness

Hoonuit’s Human Capital solution suite helps you understand how past experience and professional development together contribute to student outcomes. We proactively shine a light on equity issues in your schools and districts. We know strong teachers and principals play a key role in student achievement, but it’s common to see high-need schools staffed with less experienced teachers with lower levels of education. By correlating staff data to what’s happening in the classroom, Hoonuit uncovers new insights.

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Identify, Place, Retain, and Sustain Effective Educators

Take advantage of the first data platform that offers insight into how educator performance impacts student achievement and program effectiveness.


Our Human Capital solution suite addresses the three most commonly cited challenges to truly understanding educator impact:


  1. Tracking and analysis is time consuming and difficult to set up.
  2. State and assessment testing provide too limited a view of performance.
  3. Schools struggle to address underlying factors that affect school performance such as socioeconomic disparity.


We actively help schools and districts gain insight into educator effectiveness, place teachers in the right positions, increase retention, and sustain and develop educators throughout their careers.

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Placement analysis of patterns in teacher-to-student assignment

Retention analysis of the types of teachers who transfer schools within the system, take non-teaching positions, and leave the profession altogether.

Statistical modeling to identify teacher impact on student outcomes.

Development analysis of LEA incentives aligned with gains in teacher performance.

Recruitment analysis to identify ideal teacher pipelines and evaluation of promotion candidates.

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