Enrollment Analytics

Quickly visualize, identify and find tangible solutions to enrollment-related challenges.

Enrollment Reimagined

Gone are the days of standalone paper enrollment projection reports. School Districts need realistic information on past, present and future enrollment patterns, and how that information relates to District operations. Our comprehensive blend of enrollment projections, demographic data, professional expertise and technology reveal solutions to enrollment-related challenges.


Take a deeper dive into Hoonuit’s enrollment projections.

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Data Supported Decision Making

Hoonuit’s Enrollment Analytics solution suite supports budget, facility, and staff planning by providing you the insight you need to make these important decisions. We combine enrollment forecasting, housing development data, boundary consultations, school capacity and student yield studies with our proprietary data warehouse, machine learning, and business intelligence technologies to better serve schools and enhance student outcomes.

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Use Cases

Hoonuit’s Enrollment Analysis solution suite enables:

  • Enrollment Forecasts: Understand your district and create realistic “what if” scenarios that are dynamic, interactive, and accessible for further analysis anytime.
  • New Housing Studies: Our team will find out how many units are being built, what type of housing is being built, when the homes will be occupied and how many students you might expect.
  • Boundary Consulting: Every boundary engagement is unique and crafted to meet the needs of the client.
  • School Capacity Studies: Analyze capacity values against enrollment forecasts to gain insights into how future growth may affect your district number of open seats.
  • Student Yield Studies: Our consultative process quantifies the exact number of students gained from new housing used to produce student generation ratios specific to your district and can be applied for proposed new housing going forward.
  • School Locator: Our solution provides an easy and fast way for parents, realtors and community members to find the schools that serve specific areas via your District website.
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View attendance zones and district boundaries that are digitized, web accessible, dynamic, and easily modified.

Understand your enrollment by choosing from a wide selection of historical and projected enrollment reports.

The location of all or some of your students can be visualized on a map. Use various built-in attributes or add custom ones specific to your district's needs.

Know your community by choose from a wide variety of demographic reports using geographical areas ranging in size from neighborhoods, attendance areas, or district wide.

Draw custom shapes, such as polygons, radii, directly on the map. Get quick information, run detailed reports, or save your shapes for recalling at a later date

Quickly export customized maps showing boundaries, school locations, student density, and more.

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