Data Consulting

Strategic advisors helping you develop effective approaches to uncover and leverage your insights.

A Team Designed to Serve You

The Hoonuit data advisory team brings on-the-ground education experience, a dynamic network of peers in K12, and most importantly empathy toward education agency needs.

“Please extend our gratitude to the entire Hoonuit team. This initiative was a culmination of both sides of our partnership showing what effective planning, grit, hard work, and commitment to the mission looks like!”


Matthew Riese

Data Consultant

Tracy McCown

Data Consultant

Shayne Kendall

Data Consultant

Envision Your Data Strategy

Does your agency have a common vision around data? Are you measuring and reporting the right data? Hoonuit’s data advisors can provide guidance and recommendations to develop a strategic data plan, put that data plan into action, transform your data culture, and effectively measure results with data.

Foster Data Usage and Adoption

Does your agency have a strong data culture among stakeholders? How do you ensure your data solutions get used? Hoonuit’s team of experts have been in your shoes and can provide effective approaches to define and execute data adoption strategies across your organization.

Drive Continuous Process Improvement

As you expand the breadth and depth of your data adoption, partner with your data consultant to reflect on the process. What have we learned along the way? How can we improve the implementation moving forward?

Engage Analytical Consulting

Need help uncovering what your data is telling you? What patterns and insights can you glean? Work with a Hoonuit data advisor in analyzing student- and teacher-level data to help inform policy questions. This support can apply anywhere in the analytical process, from data cleaning, to descriptive or econometric analysis, to visualization and reporting.

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