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Promote school quality and increase transparency by informing stakeholders and engaging communities.

Our expertise is putting complicated data in context

Designing and reporting on school quality is a complicated endeavor. The challenge is that school accountability systems and state accountability systems are complex. There is intense math and metrics such as median growth percentiles that can be confusing to a parent and there is often no context to the numbers. Most education agencies struggle to translate this information into “parent speak” or common knowledge. Presenting information without clarification and context does not get the job done.

We have worked with education agencies for years to create accountability systems and build tools to that communicate results. Leveraging our years of experience and design and technology capabilities, we provide a solution that makes it easy for any state or district to do the same.

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Tell your story through data

Hoonuit’s Community Engagement solution suite makes it easy for you to promote school quality while increasing transparency, informing stakeholders, and engaging communities in the education process.

Our Community Engagement solution suite enables you to showcase your education initiatives through public-facing dashboards. Share your story in a way that connects with your parents and communities through key metrics related to accountability, school improvement, and school quality. Our solution enables you to demonstrate how you are tracking toward goals, impacting student outcomes, and demonstrating financial responsibility.

Our expertise communicating complex data through simple, easy-to-understand report cards is unmatched and gives schools and communities the information they need to move forward and improve.

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How we support our education partners

Hoonuit is helping education agencies, such as the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDOE), better reach their communities. One of the key goals outlined in WVDOE’s strategic plan is to provide a high-quality learning system that “promotes a culture of responsibility, personal well-being, and community engagement.” To do this WVDOE partnered with Hoonuit to build public-facing dashboards (pictured here). These dashboards, available to anyone who visits their website, are a single source for pre-k through grade 12 education data. They focus on key areas such as enrollment, attendance, graduation, dropouts, school lists, state assessment results, special education and finance data.


In addition to WVDOE, Hoonuit has partnered with several state and local agencies to build dynamic performance rubrics, forecast accountability results, and configure and personalize school profiles and scorecards. See our work here:

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Hoonuit enables districts to make school quality and equity information available and consumable for the public.

Share key metrics related to accountability, school improvement, and school quality.

Allow families to explore schools based on key interests such as academic performance, offerings, and transit.

Communicate complex data through simple, easy-to-understand report cards.

Hoonuit allows you to report qualitative data such as school climate feedback data.

Hoonuit's CMS platform enables stakeholders to add detailed school information and updates independently.

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