Accountability Analytics

Meet accountability reporting requirements and gain more visibility to drive continuous improvement each and every day.

Data-Driven Continuous Improvement

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) has presented districts with the challenge of transforming accountability data into actionable insights. Hoonuit integrates into any educational system and provides detailed analysis, accountability measures, and key tracking of outcomes. What’s more, all of this data can be presented to staff, teachers, principals, administrators, and other stakeholders through informative summaries and actionable insights.


Take a deeper dive into Hoonuit’s accountability reporting.

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District Report Card

Graduation rate? Attendance and chronic absenteeism? ELA, mathematics, and science achievement? EL progression? Post-secondary enrollment?


In a single, daily updated view, you get a complete picture of how your district is performing and your progress towards established goals. Accountability, research, and data teams strive for this level of awareness — but without the right tools in place, achieving it can seem insurmountable.

Hoonuit’s Accountability Analytics solution provides educators with an understanding of how they, their school, and their district are performing, which empowers them to take the daily action needed to drive systemic change. Our role-based dashboards give the right access to the right educators at the right time with the ability to drill down into the performance of individual students and the actions to take based on those insights.

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Increase Awareness of Accountability

Districts must surface key accountability metrics for principals, teachers, and support staff on a daily basis to achieve continuous school improvement. From identifying patterns in absenteeism to highlighting trends in math, science, and ELA achievement, data provided in a visual, intuitive manner can help educators take action at the individual classroom or student level.  


Hoonuit provides end-to-end data managementeasy-to-understand dashboards, and embedded tools such as integrated interventions, improvement planning, professional development, and “What’s Next” explanations so educators can take action without leaving the platform.

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Foster Data Literacy

Most educators have to toggle between several applications (gradebooks, SIS, assessment systems, etc.) to get a clear picture of all schools, programs, and students. Sifting through different dashboards, spreadsheets, and homegrown charts can leave you with even more questions and no real answers.


Educators and administrators don’t lack data — they lack insights. However, if all of your data is connected in a data warehouse but does not offer an educator-friendly platform, administrators and teachers won’t use it. Hoonuit supports educators by making data interpretation more user-friendly through role-based, intuitive dashboards. Hoonuit also delivers an analytics platform that easily conveys insights and tells a meaningful, data-led story that guides educators to action.


Learn more by downloading our white paper, Sketching An Administrator's Role in Fostering Data Literacy.


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Report card aligned to your state ESSA accountability reporting, with the ability to drill down into each topic.

Drill down into each area of the report card for detailed information on individual schools, cohorts, and specific students.

Take action based on insights provided in interactive, intuitive dashboards.

Integrate disparate data sources for a single, holistic view that includes academic, behavioral, and assessment information.

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