Using Location Analytics for Special Program Intervention

Posted by Andrea GronbergO

June 12, 2019

Hoonuit’s recent acquisition of DecisionInsite, an enrollment analytics and geographic information system (GIS) technology provider, unlocks new location and boundary capabilities to further improve educational outcomes.

Together, Hoonuit and DecisionInsite provide education agencies a unique and powerful solution to simplify and solve common challenges. For example, the implementation of a special program intervention and the identification of a central location for that program leverages both company’s technologies in a way that no existing market solution is capable of.

First, a district administrator identifies students at-risk of not graduating using the Hoonuit Early Warning solution suite and can visualize the location of those students by automatically plotting them on a map.

Next, they could create sub-groups or cohorts of these at-risk students geographically by drawing shapes or boundaries on the map with DecisionInsite’s mapping technology to identify a central location for the special program to make attendance accessible for everyone. DecisionInsite identifies the most optimal locations and plots the transportation options and commute time for each student.

Finally, once cohorts are established, custom interventions are implemented by specialists for each student via Hoonuit’s intervention management solution, which administers their specific supports, record intervention attendance and track progress.

At any time, an administrator, principal or teacher can access and drill-into these intervention groups and student profiles, run detailed reports, realign cohorts and/or the geographic boundaries of these groups, and easily share any of this information to stakeholders.

Learn more about Hoonuit’s acquisition of DecisionInsite and expansion of Location Analytics capabilities here.

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