Using Data and Technology for Actionable Planning

Posted by Sarah SingerO

May 15, 2020

“How can I ensure the equitable distribution of resources and supports?”

“Where can I get information to support evolving budget recommendations?”

“How can we measure the impact of our distance learning strategies?”

These are just a few of the difficult questions education leaders are asking themselves as they map the best path forward for their schools, teachers, families and students. Data-driven insights are more important than ever as leaders reevaluate their needs and priorities. Here are three thoughts to consider while preparing your organization for the future.

#1 The ability to correlate student outcomes and financial data is no longer a luxury

The challenging economic outlook combined with this year’s school closures, and the potential need for more distance learning in the Fall, will require school leaders to make strategic shifts at every level of their organizations. Change is supported by parents as well. A new survey from the National Parents Union indicated that 61% of parents believe schools should use this time as an opportunity to make changes to education. 

Change for the sake of change, however, is self-defeating. How can leaders and administrators best identify where change is needed? How can they build support for their recommendations as budgets are scrutinized? How can they measure new initiatives and ensure they are generating meaningful improvements to student outcomes?

Education agency leaders will be challenged to analyze program outcomes against their true cost like never before. They will answer that challenge through data. The ability to bring together disparate data sources can provide all-encompassing, holistic district insights. For example, cross-corelating student and program outcomes with financial data provides rare visibility into program ROI. Hoonuit helps education agencies find fiscal efficiencies by quickly connecting per-student spending with successful outcomes to ensure every dollar is allocated where it will make the biggest impact.

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Hoonuit offers education agencies transparency into their operational data so they can make the best data-drive decisions.

#2 Physical and Emotional Health data are now essential tools  

Going forward it will be important for education leaders to understand the history and current health status of their educators and students. Data around health and well-being can provide insights that leaders need to make decisions about their systems and forecast issues coming down the road. Currently, many schools struggle to consistently track student health data and conduct accurate health and wellness analyses. Hoonuit helps education agencies capture key health information and proactively tracking health and wellness trends. Our platform has the ability to ingest data from outside organizations such as health departments and gives users the ability to visualize that data on a map alongside district and school boundaries. 

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Hoonuit’s ability to plot students, such as those who don’t have immunizations, helps districts plan communications, develop information programming, and recommend immunization sites. 

#3 “Future-Proof” your data investments

Future-proofing is the process of anticipating the future and developing methods that minimize the effects, shocks and stresses of future events. For us in Edtech, that means designing software that can be used in the future, even as technology or use-cases change. The unexpected pivot to school closures and distance learning has shined an even brighter light on data and technology – and the ability to adapt. Identifying ways to track participation and quantify learning loss were not top of mind even two months ago. Data platforms with the ability to create new models, provide new insights and strategically address the issue(s) of the day will prove their weight in gold. At Hoonuit, we’ve watched with admiration as clients created dashboards on-the-fly to measure new challenges and utilized location visualizations to help provide for their students in new ways. 

We hope this information can serve as a springboard to conversations about new data concepts and solutions that will help your organization. We want to hear about the new challenges that you and your colleagues are facing. Do not hesitate to reach out – Hoonuit is here to work with you and ensure your decision makers are receiving the right knowledge at the right time. 

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