U-46 Builds New Dashboards to Identify Change During School Closures

Posted by Sarah SingerO

April 28, 2020

As our education partners continue to navigate this period of school closures, we will be highlighting ways that they are leveraging Hoonuit’s solutions and tools on our blog.

School District U-46 (Elgin, Illinois) has created several new dashboards to help them gauge how distance learning is impacting their students and schools. In just a few days, the U-46 team created a new COVID folder in Essentials to help their principals and administrators compare metrics from the time before school closures and after distance learning began. They are segmented by building, teacher, ethnicity, and other key student groups. This information is the first thing their administrators see when they log into Hoonuit each day. 

One new report shows which students have taken the daily attendance survey. Even though this information is in their student information system, there was not an easy way for school administrators to find out who did not check-in.  

The Attendance Survey dashboard is the first step in identifying why students may be absent during distance learning.

“If they don’t check in, they’re assumed to be absent. However, they may have overslept or they could be having internet or device issues. Or, maybe an older brother uses their family’s device before other siblings. The survey report makes it easy to see where follow-up is needed,” said Danielle Pepa, Data Warehouse Programmer and Database Administrator at School District U-46.

Another key snapshot focuses on grade changes post-COVID. “Our state recommended that students should not have negative accountability for anything that happens during this time. So grades are not permitted to be lower than they were on the last day in school. Now we have an easy snapshot of each student’s grades on the last day of school and where their grades are now,” explained Matt Raimondi, Coordinator of Assessment & Accountability at School District U-46. 

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