Transforming Intervention: How Districts Can Better Spot Trends

Posted by Courtney StevensO

October 9, 2018

Districts are faced with the difficult task of equitably providing schools intervention resources to improve student outcomes.


Intervention is critical to improving student achievement, increasing graduation rates, and making sure that all students are college & career ready. To achieve their goals, the district administration must determine the best way to support schools with the finite resources available. Key questions need to be answered to equitably and effectively accomplish this task.


Intervention Trends: Key Questions to Answer


  • Do we have at-risk factors that exits across the board?
    •  What are the things that we need to look at as a district initiative(s)?
    • What would make the most impact for all of our schools?
  • Are there specific schools that need additional attention/priority?
  • Where should we invest our resources?
    • Do we need to access additional funding, resources or community partners?
  • Do our teachers have all the curriculum resources they need?
    • Are there reteaching tools that would make sense for the whole district to have access to?


To answer these questions effectively, districts need access to information from across several systems and schools that is accurate and as up-to-date as possible. Ideally, they will also have access to historical information to understand what trends are happening. This necessitates a large-scale project to collect and analyze student data. Binders full of information, extensive meetings, and still almost as soon as the information is collected, it is out of date.


Transforming the Process


Technology is changing how administrators can access this overwhelming amount of information. We are entering the golden age of big data – I know, this is a term that has almost lost all meaning these days because it is so overused. But big data is finally starting to become actionable as long as it is paired with easy-to-use access (such as color-coded dashboards and drag and drop ad-hoc reporting).

Early warning and intervention technology provides real time information presented in an intuitive manner. Access to overall intervention trend information enables districts to make effective decisions for its schools.


Learn more about how technology is transforming the intervention process in our white paper, Facilitating Effective Intervention.


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How Can Hoonuit Help?

Hoonuit’s early warning and intervention system provides easy-to-read dashboards and the ability to drill down into individual students as well as create cohorts for quick analysis. Our best-in-class K-12 data model, can support integration with all of your data sources for timely and accurate access to the information you need. Learn more about our solution here.

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