Solution Showcase: Query Designer

Posted by Tracy McCownO

September 8, 2020

The Query Designer is the newest update to Hoonuit’s content development suite. This enhanced tool allows any user of the Hoonuit data and analytics platform to develop their own content, based on who client chooses to provide access. Our goal in enhancing the Query Designer was to build efficiency into reporting for non-technical users, allowing them to build new dashboards or metrics through a simplified drag and drop experience and user-friendly design and layout. 

While the new Query Designer provides many features to get excited about, here are a few of our favorites:  

Unique Identifiers. The Hoonuit system is designed to give every metric a unique identifier. This is a very useful feature. It allows you to query across all the objects and metrics in your database to see who created each metric, when it was created, and who may have modified it. This becomes very handy when exploring long-standing metrics or trying to identify when changes were made and for what reason. 

Change Previews. The new Query Designer allows users to preview changes while making updates, all in the same convenient location. Previews are available in real-time for metric changes and underlying query (SQL code) changes. The ability to preview your work ensures that you are building exactly the content you think you are building and stops you from going too far down the wrong track. 

1. For example, perhaps you want to track Students by grade by ELL status. Here’s what my metric looks like before  ELL is added.  
2. Once you drag in ELL status, you can immediately see how the metrics looks and if it needs adjustments.
3. You can also see the SQL code added for ELL. Note that you don’t need to write any SQL. One you drag in the ELL column, the SQL is created for me. 

Display Settings. Hoonuit provides wide-ranging display setting options to customize your metrics. You give your metric a shortened title that is navigation-friendly and a longer name where space permits. You can give users the ability to export your metrics or view them in a new window. You can decide which toolbar options you want to provide and customize the color in the container. 

Scalable Code Updates. Hoonuit allows you to update objects used in multiple metrics across your dashboards with a single action. For example, if you need to add new pre-school program with a different code, it only needs to be entered once and it will cascade to every metric using that object/information. This is a huge time-saver when you have hundreds of metrics. Educators using an off-the-shelf BI tool such as Tableau, would have to update the new pre-school code individually in every metric. The Query Designer allows you to make these mass updates one time and be done. 

Metric Success. Did your new metric work? The Query Designer gives you immediate feedback on your efforts. Additionally, the Statistics within Hoonuit tell you how long it will take to render your metric. This is great for troubleshooting, because if it’s more than a few seconds your users are going to get frustrated. 

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