Solution Showcase: My School Dashboards

Posted by Courtney StevensO

January 14, 2020

Hoonuit makes it easy for principals to quickly and easily access the information that is vital to running their campus. To facilitate this, we compiled high value metrics, identified by building leaders, from throughout the Hoonuit platform and organized them into a single dashboard called My School.

Principals need the ability to track aggregate level data in order to identify how their school is trending over time across a variety of important metrics. In addition, site level leaders have to keep a pulse on how their campus is performing today. They need to effectively identify both what is working and what may need additional time and attention. My School helps provide the answers.

Hoonuit’s ability to bring together numerous disparate data sets is what makes a tool like My School possible. The amount of knowledge and information it takes to be an effective leader is astounding. In order to stay informed on all aspects, a leader is required to sign into multiple systems and remember which reports house the information needed. Our data warehouse enables us to compile the data across all of these sources – everything from SIS and assessment results to survey data, financial figures and even building work orders. Instead of jumping across three or four ancillary systems, Hoonuit presents all your relevant information together in one spot.

Here’s a look at a few of the key components found within My School:

Gainers, Stickers, Sliders

Gainers, Stickers, Sliders provides an at a glance look at student performance. It tells a principal who’s getting better, who’s sliding backward, and which students need an extra push to move forward. This view of Gainers, Stickers, Sliders is built around assessment data. However, it can be configured to measure against other key initiatives such as behavior or attendance. 

Staff vs. Student Data Performance Wall

Principals from around the country have told us the Staff vs. Student Data Performance Wall is one of their favorite metrics in the Hoonuit platform. It enables principals to see student outcome data broken down by their different staff members. It provides a “whole child” view of what is happening in classrooms.

Students At-Risk

This view allows principals to see students that have been flagged by Hoonuit’s Early Warning system and may need extra help to get back on track. Now they can quickly decide what remedy or next step is necessary such as setting up an intervention, calling the student into the office to check in, or meeting with parents and teachers. Each student has a composite score comprised of different factors such as attendance, cumulative GPA, assessment scores, and home changes.

Staff Information

Analyzing and evaluating teachers is a continuous process. My School provides detailed snapshots of staff attendance, demographics, and observations. It also provides evaluation overviews in categories such as instruction, planning and preparation, and classroom environment. These views allow building leaders to get to a list of staff who excel or need support in a given area with a single click.

Building Operations

Running a campus includes vast responsibilities. My School can help a principal stay on top of their building by providing data related to everything from budget status to work orders. Knowing what work orders have closed and where open work orders stand can prevent unnecessary inefficiencies. A bathroom that is out of order, for example, could have students walking across a building and missing valuable time in the classroom. 

Social Emotional Learning Surveys

Social and emotional learning (SEL) has become a focus for many schools and districts aiming to facilitate safe, positive learning environments. The goal is to ensure students are equipped to succeed academically and gain the skills they need to understand and manage their thoughts and emotions. Hoonuit makes it easy to monitor SEL results and progress from My School. 

Configured to Your District

Hoonuit provides hundreds of out-of-the-box metrics and dashboards to get you up and running quickly. However, we understand that every district is a little bit different. So we ensure that your metrics are configured to align with your terminology and focused on the data aligned with your strategic plan. 

My School dashboards are just one set of dashboards which are available with Hoonuit’s data and analytics platform. To learn more about the many ways My School dashboards and Hoonuit’s Data Analytics solutions are impacting student achievement, contact us today.

Dr. Courtney Stevens is Vice President of Education Research at Hoonuit where she leverages two decades of experience in education to solve hard problemand increase positive student outcomes. 

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