Solution Showcase: Classroom Dashboards

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March 14, 2019

Hoonuit’s Classroom Dashboards provide a quick and easy way to access organized information and manage students in a meaningful way. These snapshots provide a “one-stop shopping” experience where educators can quickly locate the student data that’s most relevant to them.


Classroom Dashboards present all of the basic student data that teachers would ideally be tracking on a regular basis in one easy location. In addition to being comprehensive, the way the information is displayed can be completely customized by a school system. Key academic information such as on track / off track, distribution of grades, attendance, discipline, state assessments, benchmark assessments, general support and information, special programs, and in-classroom demographics are all available – providing a thorough snapshot of both every student and every classroom.


Here’s a look at some of the key components found within our Classroom Dashboards:


‘My Students’ Digital Data Wall

The Digital Data Wall in My Students provides an “at a glance” look at each individual in your classroom. It shows changes in key metrics such as scores and attendance. Additionally, the color coding can be customized – providing teachers a quick way to understand what is going on with their students.




Attendance is a high priority for teachers and for schools. Particularly, as chronic absenteeism has made its way into the accountability reporting of so many school systems. Here we can see a summary of attendance information ranging from repeat tardy offenders to students on their way to being chronically absent. The dashboard can be customized to show daily or period by period attendance depending on the needs and wants of the teacher.



Academic Progress

Academic Progress provides teachers the ability to login each morning and see how student grades are trending and which students are failing courses. A teacher can quickly see who’s new on their radar, students they need to prioritize, and what their needs might be.




Here we can see subject level scores on all assessments such as State Achievement tests. A variety of dashboards allow data to be consumed in multiple ways. Aggregated dashboards allow educators to quickly identify if students are getting better or worse through the “Growing, Maintaining or Sliding” dashboard. While an individual student profile affords a historical look at all assessment data for a student.



Enhancing Classroom Dashboards with ‘What to Do’ Next Steps

To help educators make the most impactful decisions, each individual metric within Classroom Dashboards is accompanied by configurable What To Do information – context and next steps about the information they are seeing in that metric. What to Do provides data analytic support as well as assisting teachers with ways to positively impact their student data. School systems can also provide links to school processes or district specific resources in this area.



Classroom Dashboards are available today as a platform feature within every solution suite of the Hoonuit data and analytics platform. To learn more about the many ways Classroom Dashboards and Hoonuit’s Data Analytics solutions are impacting student achievement, contact us today.


Dr. Courtney Stevens is Vice President of Education Research at Hoonuit where she leverages two decades of experience in education to solve hard problemand increase positive student outcomes. 

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