Resilience of Data Culture in Uncertain Times

Posted by Nicole StumpfO

October 2, 2020

Data culture is critical in times of uncertainty and crisis. In a well-established districtwide culture of data-driven decision making, data anchors the path forward and supports navigation through uncharted waters.

The most effective data-driven cultures inform decision-making at every level of a district, which means district administrators must facilitate a culture of support to ensure every educator can effectively interpret and leverage data. In order to make sense of student data, educators must have three key elements: easy-to-use tools, training, and a culture that promotes the use of data in decision-making. With all three of these in place, teachers and school leadership can develop the data literacy necessary to translate raw analytics outputs into targeted action.

Adopting a data-driven culture and harnessing the power of analytics will help move education agencies toward a more functional and responsive post-COVID world. 

Take advantage of these Hoonuit resources to help you and your education agency develop a strong data culture:

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