Essentials Analytics

This solution suite focuses the essential metrics required by state and federal reporting, including attendance, behavior, and academic performance.

Essentials Data Management

The Essentials solution suite provides administrators and educators the reports and dashboards needed to enhance and simplify district reporting and accountability requirements while serving the every-day analysis needs of administrators, teachers, staff, and other stakeholders.

Behavior, attendance, enrollment, assessment, and academic data are visualized within Essentials’ dashboards and reports. Each can be viewed from education agency level or filtered for individual schools or groups of students.

  • Leverage dashboards and report cards for enrollment, attendance, behavior, discipline, academics, assessments
  • Successfully navigate ESSA’s requirements with dashboards and reporting
  • Efficiently organize, store, and report district and state compliance metrics
  • Automate analysis and reporting of longitudinal district trends
  • Track KPIs and align your data to strategic plans
  • Compare schools on an “apples-to-apples” basis with Like Schools Analysis
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Integrated Actions

Hoonuit maximizes the power of your data investment through Integrated Actions – unique tools that help you take action and solve problems with data. 

  • Embedded ad-hoc reporting capabilities
  • Ability to create student and peer cohorts
  • Export dashboards and reports as PDF, CSV/Excel, and JPG files
  • Integrated how-to tutorials, along with professional development modules
  • Data quality dashboards and reports
  • Developer tools to create, configure, and manage dashboards & reports
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Key Solution Suite Features

  • Integrate all your systems data, including SIS, LMS, assessments, surveys, and more, into a centralized warehouse
  • Over 60+ out-of-the-box research-based dashboards and reports created using best practices
  • Longitudinal analysis of attendance, enrollment, behavior, assessments, and marks
  • School Improvement—a data driven process to help address what changes is the plan intending to address and progress towards that. Enables needs assessment, Title 1 Planning, Special Education Planning, Technical Planning, etc.
  • Data quality tools to assure accurate information and business rule validation
  • Ability to create custom cohorts and grouping of students
  • Ability to create dashboards and metrics
  • Full ad-hoc reporting capability to be able to slice and dice any measures
  • Surveys—allows survey data to be imported to support analysis by question and by respondent types (e.g., student responses versus parent responses, level types like Primary grade responses versus Secondary grade responses)
  • Organization, reporting, and storing of data required for state reporting
  • Support of research and program evaluation with powerful queries and automated snap-shot extracts to support analysis and reporting of longitudinal district trends
  • Support of root-cause analysis and continuous improvement with KPIs and ad- hoc data analysis
  • Snap-shot technology to measure change over time
  • Facilitation of school improvement with Hoonuit needs assessment, goal setting, and progress monitoring reports
  • Optimization of students’ course selections and pathway to graduation
  • ESSA dashboards and reporting
  • Embedded professional development modules aligned to dashboard content to drive usage and adoption
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Essentials Standard Content

Below are just some of the questions that can be answered with standard content included in Essentials Analytics – configured to reflect your specific terminology and needs.

  • Which students have been tardy and absent to classes?
  • Are students mastering our defined academic standards?
  • Which students are at-risk?
  • How has students’ assessment proficiency changed over time?
  • Are we experiencing disproportionality in our passing rates?
  • Who gained, stuck, and slid between testing years?
  • What percentage of students gained, stuck, or slid?
  • What are the new proficiency levels of students that gained?
  • What AP courses are students taking?
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Product Tour

Report Cards

Essentials provides a streamlined view of your federal and/or state reporting process. Report Cards measure a variety of important key performance indicators to help you monitor progress and outcomes and make guided decisions for improvement at every level of your organization.

Like Schools

Like Schools Analysis supports the exploration and identification of “statistical neighbors” within a given area to help administrators recognize which schools are like their own, identify what those schools are doing well, and learn from their strategic plans.

Digital Learning Analytics

As digital learning becomes more prevalent, Hoonuit offers rich analytics that provide educators actionable insights about its impact on student success. Measure access, engagement, and student outcomes across digital learning.


Examine data in ways that provide a more accurate sense of how your system is serving all student groups. Hoonuit enables the root cause analysis needed to determine what’s at the heart of inequities through holistic data sets. 

Student Profiles

A one-stop-shop for the digital history of each student. Connect the dots on attendance, academics, attendance, behavior, SEL and more all in one place.


Understand if your students are coming to school with a 360-degree view of attendance. Learn which students chronically absent, which subgroups have the most chronically absent students, which students are frequently tardy and much more.


Rich analytics on student academic performance with unique metrics such as ‘By Teacher and Course’, Teacher Analysis, School Skill Progress and Student Skill Progress.


Take advantage of thorough metrics around behavior covering suspensions, severe incidents, repeat incidents and more by building, by time of the year, week over week and by building and teacher.


Quickly and easily understand state assessments, STAR, ACCESS, SAT scores and more. Hoonuit can ingest data from any assessment source for deep reporting.

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