Optimizing the Planning Lifecycle of Site-Based Decision Making

Posted by Ignacio YbarraO

November 9, 2020

Site-Based Decision Making (SBDM) has been a Texas school campus mandate since 1992 designed to ensure that strategies are implemented and adjusted to improve student achievement. While SBDM differs significantly from traditional school organization practices, Hoonuit is well-versed in using industry best practices and has experience with our partner districts and education agencies to help improve and support the lifecycle of SBDM. We’ve created a template for campus improvement planning and together we can make your plan and processes more effective and help to remove concerns around data collection and quality. 

Development of Site-Based Decision Making 

Successful models used by a variety of school districts, publications and seminars provided by Texas Education Association (TEA) and other organizations are available to aid campuses in the development process. How can we help? Every element of Hoonuit’s campus improvement tool was designed around actual district and agency problems and built in partnership with one or more of our education agency partners.

Hoonuit offers numerous campus improvement templates that can be customized to any improvement framework. Districts can also take advantage of the acclaimed school improvement process created by Dr. Vickie Bernhardt within the Hoonuit platform. You can develop a custom improvement plan with the metrics that matter most for your campus using Dr. Bernhardt’s step-by-step process and protocols. Then, publish your custom template with metrics in a single data load.

We understand that no two campuses are the same. Our solution is fully customizable so you can use your existing process and make changes as needed. Integrate district and campus data to create goals, develop action plans, track data, and examine results. Hoonuit simplifies and standardizes the process of digitally documenting your plan so you can act quickly, see improvement faster, and communicate progress to stakeholders.

Training Campuses to Use Data for Effective Decision Making

Training begins with the district level committee introducing SBDM policies, procedures and activities to campus level committee members and staff with special attention given to group dynamics. Giving the committee and everyday educators access to training empowers them to use data to make effective decisions. Fortunately, when you have question about data, Hoonuit can answer them. Our embedded professional development gives all data users access to on-demand training around data usage as well as best practices for implementing data findings. Our platform also includes integrated tools to make data usage easier.

Data Analysis for Real-Time Improvement 

Campus improvement teams analyze data on campus performance on academic excellence indicators, identify performance gaps, and assess campus needs. This can be a huge undertaking to gather the data necessary for analysis from several siloed systems and potentially documentation that only exists on paper. Hoonuit puts all of your critical information into one system, so you can easily correlate information and provide accurate analysis.

Additionally, with Hoonuit information is updated nightly. See how you are tracking to your annual goals and evaluate if changes need to be made to achieve them in real-time. Hoonuit aligns data to your campus improvement objectives to create a shared vision and enable continuous campus improvement cycles – ranging from broad district goals to specific campus and classroom initiatives.

Enacting Seamless Planning for Rapid Action

Planning and action phases place priorities on needs and execute the action steps developed in the campus improvement plan. Strategies with the objective of attaining student and campus goals are implemented. With Hoonuit you can see your data in real-time throughout the year giving you the ability to take action faster by: Documenting snapshots of how the campus is tracking to improvement plan action items.

Eliminating barriers to success. Hoonuit’s Data Driven Workflows solution helps campuses that struggle with their current improvement plan process. 

Empowering all decision makers with data to support their plans. Hoonuit helps you get the appropriate data into the hands of more users, so everyone from staff and teachers to campus leadership can be making more effective decisions.

Evaluating Success & Shortening the Feedback Loop 

Evaluation of site-based policies, procedures and activities is the final phase in the cycle. Criteria should be established to measure results of actions taken to improve campus effectiveness. The campus’ success in meeting its objectives can be measured by comparing actual student achievement to the goals established through the district- and campus-level committees and the district’s SBDM policies and procedures. 

The data produced in the analysis phase of the SBDM planning lifecycle can provide valuable information for improving it in the future. Hoonuit can make this annual evaluation easy. The data is already collected and easily available. In fact, it can take evaluation from an annual step to a continual feedback loop.

The power of site-based decision making is clear, and with Hoonuit that power can be increased by removing the tedious, manual processes such as data collection and data quality issues. With easy, real-time access to data tools your district can capitalize on your campus improvement plan and foster continuous progress. Please contact us for more information. 

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