Optimizing End-To-End Operations with Hoonuit

Posted by Ron Van OrdenO

October 20, 2020

Hoonuit’s data and analytics platform allows school districts to solve for wide-ranging operations challenges from projecting student enrollment, all the way through measuring return on investment (ROI). This optimized decision-making is more important than ever with the current economic situation and varied responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. School district administrators are confronted with difficult choices that include cutting programs and staff to balance the budget. Hoonuit can help financial leaders base those decisions on sound data and analytics. Discover how Hoonuit Operations Analytics assists in end-to-end operations, from enrollment and budgeting, to finance analytics and ROI. 

Going Beyond an Enrollment Projection Report 

To better understand how enrollment impacts districts Hoonuit pulls data enrollment forecasts, residential development data, boundary consultations, school capacity and student yield studies. Then, we use our proprietary data warehouse, machine learning, and business intelligence technologies to give decision makers the clear data points they need to make the best decision possible. With Hoonuit, financial leaders can:

  • Understand enrollment changes and fluctuations
  • Leverage moderate and conservative projections to account for multiple scenarios
  • Plan for potential attendance boundary changes 
  • Prepare for school over- and under-crowding 
  • Plan for special program placement 
  • Prepare for school consolidation 
  • Maximize fiscal and staff planning effectiveness
  • Understand open enrollment and school-of-choice decisions
  • Understand and account for new residential development
  • Utilize staffing calculator tools that help accurately project enrollment, by school and grade level

Creating Transparency in Finance Analytics 

Transparency is key to making data-driven decisions. Hoonuit’s data management and analytics solution brings together disparate data sources to create all-encompassing insights that improve resource allocation and maximize financial investments. 

  • Run unlimited staffing scenarios with FTE counts for each site
  • Visualize ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) data
  • Visualize spending by category (including NGIP codes)
  • Visually correlate incoming revenue with outgoing expenditures
  • Create Board-ready monthly reports
  • Develop multiyear budget plans
  • Utilize future year enrollment projections to identify staffing needs
  • Determine how funds are budgeted to support sub-groups such as at-risk students and special education students
  • Utilize longitudinal reporting for a historical perspective of districts and schools

Budgeting and Strategic Planning

Administrators rely upon enrollment projections to make highly impactful decisions. Hoonuit’s timely and accurate enrollment projections set the stage for precise budgets and effective scenario planning. Our analytics platform means less time crunching data and more time analyzing insights for actionable scenario planning. 

  • Increase transparency and broaden the stakeholders involved in planning
  • Ensure equitable spending, resource planning and referendum planning 
  • Utilize by school, by grade enrollment projections inclusive of student-transfers
  • Spend less time generating forecasts and more time scenario planning
  • Understand where students live and where they attend
  • Plan for future student enrollment and class sizes
  • Optimize existing facilities for operational and financial efficiency 
  • Ensure adequate facility space for students 
  • Create future school boundary scenarios 
  • Analyze the feasibility of new school locations 
  • Understand district building capacity 
  • Year-round on-the-fly reporting through an interactive platform

Return on Investment 

Academic return on investment is both a mind-set and a decision-making tool. It requires the formal evaluation of all programs, efforts, and strategies using multiple measures, including effects on student learning, number of students served, and cost per student. 

Hoonuit enables district leaders to integrate historical perspective with future enrollment projections, trend analysis, and scenario comparisons for the instant analysis needed to support critical decision making. Hoonuit also helps find fiscal efficiencies by quickly connecting per-student spending with education outcomes to ensure every dollar is allocated where it will make the biggest difference.

  • Enable deeper insights by connecting your education data sets to ERP and financial data 
  • Identify your program costs, inclusive of teacher salaries. By student. By class. By school.
  • Identify your cost per student 
  • Analyze results by fund, function, object, or location
  • Ensure your investment are following the most urgent student needs (such as the most applicable PD for teachers)
  • Understand which student populations were best served by past budgets

School district leaders are responsible for providing financial stewardship and operational excellence for the students and communities they serve. Hoonuit’s features are designed to empower financial leaders with actionable insights to better implement sound fiscal and operational policies and communicate with stakeholders. If you’re interested in learning more about Hoonuit’s Operational Analytics resources, contact us today

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