Philip Heimes Joins Hoonuit as Head of Interoperability

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Sep,22,2020 06:10:30 AM

Hoonuit offers education agencies an end-to-end Ed-Fi ecosystem in one deployment


Minneapolis  March 2, 2020  Hoonuit, a leading provider of data management, analytics, and professional learning solutions in education, has announced that Philip Heimes has joined the organization as Head of Interoperability. In this new role, Heimes will be responsible for helping education agencies design, develop, and execute their interoperability strategies.


Hoonuit supports education agencies utilizing the Ed-Fi data standard by providing the technical infrastructure required to surface meaningful data insights for their educators. Hoonuit has greatly reduced the systemic complexity of these projects by providing a fully managed, unified platform – including a cloud-based Ed-Fi Operational Data Store, data warehouse, data visualizations, and predictive analytics. Hoonuit streamlines system integrations by handling data mapping, secure file transfers, and data quality for clients.


“We are thrilled that Philip is joining the Hoonuit team. His deep experiences with data interoperability and the Ed-Fi Alliance community will be incredibly valuable to our customers. He has first-hand knowledge around the complex technical challenges that education agencies face on a daily basis. More importantly, he sees the immense opportunity that Hoonuit offers through our Ed-Fi ecosystem and education-specific, out-of-the-box content,” said Paul Hesser, CEO at Hoonuit.


“Hoonuit has long been on the cutting edge of data management in education. Districts across the country are using different systems and tools, but they share the same challenges. Hoonuit provides a holistic solution for Ed-Fi implementations that includes hosting and leverages all source data systems. We are simplifying the process, reducing cost, and accelerating the path toward empowering educators with actionable insights,” said Philip Heimes.


Heimes brings an extensive background leading solution-based data projects for the K–12 market. Before joining Hoonuit, he served as director of Educational Technology at RESPEC. He also founded the Education and Student Open Learning (EASOL) organization and was the Chief Technology Officer for the Center of Educational Innovation. Heimes has worked with the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, Ed-Fi Alliance and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on mission-driven projects, including data interoperability solutions for state and local governments and public-sector clients.


Hoonuit will be a participant at the Ed-Fi Technical Congress, April 20-22, in San Diego. Contact us to set up a meeting and learn how Hoonuit provides administrators and teachers actionable insights by integrating its longitudinal education data warehouse and analytics solution with the Ed-Fi Operational Data Store.


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