Launching Tennessee State Board of Education’s Educator Preparation Report Card

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Apr,01,2020 07:47:15 AM

Educator Prep Program Evaluation & Reporting

Hoonuit develops accountability systems, report cards, and interactive data tools that explore educator preparation program quality.

Many states struggle to create transparency and accountability for the many teacher training and certification pathways provided to new teachers. Our consultants support states in this endeavor by working to develop and implement statistically sound evaluation frameworks for educator preparation programs.

In addition, we help states report this information clearly and transparently. We build interactive scorecards to communicate results to a broad range of public stakeholders; develop interactive tools to enable program administrators to use their results for strategic planning purposes; and produce the technical documentation to accompany the release of the scorecards.


Case Study: Tennessee State Board of Education

The Tennessee State Board of Education has been a Tembo client (recently acquired by Hoonuit) for four years. At the beginning of the engagement, we helped them design an accountability system that rated college and university educator preparation programs by their ability to prepare teachers in Tennessee. Next, we implemented an early version of our product to help public users in Tennessee find those programs and see how they were rated overall as well as how they rated on individual domains.


Each ensuing year we made slight tweaks and improvements. This past year, however, they adjusted their accountability system, added domains and metrics, and upgraded to the latest version of the Tembo product. They now have additional features, updated visualizations and offer a much better experience for users.


Today, prospective educators can search for programs based on location, type, and offering. They can compare those institutions’ performance or learn more about each institution’s rating and how it was calculated.


See our work with the Tennessee State Board of Education here.

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