Hoonuit Makes Online Meal Finder Available to All Education Agencies

Posted by Andrea GronbergO

Oct,19,2020 10:00:08 PM

Hoonuit, a leading provider of education analytics and professional learning solutions, has introduced an online meal finder to support education agencies, families, and students during COVID-19 school closures. The website, SchoolMealFinder.com helps students who rely on schools for meal benefits to find their nearest distribution program. The meal finder is available to any education agency in the United States at no cost.

Hoonuit’s meal finder utilizes an interactive map and allows users to search by city, zip code, and address to pinpoint the nearest meal site. It provides easily accessible location information, hours of operation, and other pertinent information to users in just a few clicks.

“Twenty-two million children across the country rely on their schools for meals. Families will continue to rely on school food programs to feed their children during the coronavirus pandemic. Hoonuit makes it easy for education agencies to organize and share this important information online and put it in the hands of parents and guardians quickly,” said Paul Hesser, CEO at Hoonuit.

“The ability to disseminate the location of our food sites to families across Louisiana has been critical. Hoonuit had our information up and running on SchoolMealFinder.com in short order during an extremely challenging time for our school districts and families. It is my hope that other education agencies will take advantage of this solution,” said Jessica Baghian, Assistant State Superintendent at the Louisiana Department of Education.

We are pleased to share that several states (including Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia), Kern County Superintendent of Schools in California and more than 45 individual districts are already on board. Further, there have been more than 25,000 visitors to School Meal Finder since the site launched last month.

Hoonuit urges any education agency who believes the meal finder website could help their community get started immediately by filling out this online form.

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