Hoonuit Launches Professional Learning Network to Enhance Collaborative Community

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Jul,15,2020 02:30:38 AM



Minneapolis, MN (June 26, 2018)  – Hoonuit, a leading provider of education analytics and professional learning solutions, announced the launch of their Professional Learning Network. Debuting at the ISTE Conference in Chicago, IL, this new network marks an important step aimed at providing educators across the country an opportunity to collaborate and learn from one another.


The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) provides district administrators across the country with an opportunity to reevaluate their PD programs. “With the focus on personalizing learning for the ever-changing needs of students, the legislation also delivers a forward-thinking, comprehensive set of guidelines to tailor PD to educator needs.” said Erin Surprise, VP of Customer Success at Hoonuit. “As districts evolve their professional learning, we are committed to expanding learning options through multiple modalities for collaboration to advance PD effectiveness and relevancy.”


Professional Learning Networks provide participants with the unique ability to connect with fellow educators to share and reflect on best practices, strategies, and areas of expertise. This collaborative environment designed to hone skills and knowledge from a collective group of educators, gives PLN members the opportunity to glean information while sharing their own knowledge.


The PLN builds upon an existing group of nearly 100 Learning Ambassadors, education leaders from various backgrounds and experiences, bringing different perspectives to Hoonuit, and even contributing to their 100,000 hour content library. Each are involved in the Network in various capacities, from contributing content, to facilitating learning events at industry conferences and providing face-to-face or virtual professional development to Hoonuit’s user community. Each play different roles and Hoonuit is eager to expand this network to all users, creating a community that fosters ongoing collaboration and learning.


“As collaboration and community become two increasingly important components to professional learning, we are excited to be able to provide our entire user base with the opportunity to participate in our PLN.” Surprise commented. “The launch of our Professional Learning Network solidifies our mission to empower educators with insights and knowledge to help improve student outcomes.”

The Hoonuit Professional Learning Network is now widely available to educators!

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