How Hoonuit Works: Enrollment Projections

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Our team of Projection Analysts bring professional expertise to the process of generating district-wide and school-by-grade enrollment projections. We keep in touch with each client to ask about changes and trends and work with district feedback to adjust and updates enrollment projections.


Leverage a powerful projections engine that brings the total enrollment picture into focus. Our unique forecasting model is inclusive of open enrollment, inter/intra-district transfers, out of district enrollment and permit trends.


Our information management and analytics tool allows you to query both the enrollment projections and historical enrollment data. Further, our platform enables district administrators to conduct analysis year-round – a strong differentiator versus one-off paper reports.

Enrollment Projections

Hoonuit clients receive more than an enrollment projection report. Our three-pronged solution combines dedicated expert analysts focused on your unique challenges, a state-of-the-art projections engine, and a technology platform built specifically for education.

Our Experts, Your Team

Enrollment related challenges can be difficult and time-consuming for education leaders and sensitive to community members. Hoonuit’s team of specialists provide the data you need and walk you step-by-step through the process.

Enrollment Analysts

Our experts provide accurate enrollment projections using nuanced “facts on the ground” unique to your district.

Residential Team

Our consultative process quantifies the number of students your district may gain from new housing.

Boundary Consulting

Take advantage of our vast experience modifying attendance boundaries for the most challenging re-districting projects.

Training and Support

Hoonuit provides ongoing training and support throughout the life of your contract.


We offer the most advanced analytics engine in education today, thanks to proprietary models built by our in-house data science team. However, Hoonuit clients are leveraging much more than best-in-class projections.

Data + Relationship

Our clients love working with their dedicated Projections Analysts to answer their questions and walk them through each step of the projections process.

“Full Picture” Methodology

Hoonuit’s methodology provides a fuller picture inclusive of both Intra (open enrollment) and Inter district transfers.

Deeper Forecasting

Hoonuit provides multiple enrollment forecasts to accommodate for facility, fiscal, and staff planning.

Efficiency Calculators

Take advantage of Hoonuit’s unique efficiency calculators for staffing, room counts, combination classes, and school capacity.


Our clients enjoy year-round access to Hoonuit’s Enrollment Projections and Analytics solution suite. District leaders use our proprietary platform to dig deeper, run ‘what-if’ scenarios at any time, and stay a step ahead on school and district planning.

  • Custom shape tools to build custom maps
  • Boundary change tools to project new attendance areas
  • Plotting capabilities to drill into granular student data

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