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August 29, 2019

District superintendents must not only engage in data-driven decision-making themselves, but ensure that stakeholders across their districts are comfortable putting student data into action.

From aligning funds that support district-wide goals to being accountable for school and student performance, today’s superintendents must contend with an array of responsibilities that can be challenging to fulfill without the proper support. What’s more, as many school budgets continue to contract even while their staffing needs increase, superintendents’ roles are likely to become even more challenging over the short term.

At Hoonuit, we have a deep understanding of superintendents’ pain points, and we’re here to help you develop and implement solutions that keep stakeholders across your district happy. From giving you daily insight into state and federal accountability metrics to helping you gauge the performance of academic interventions and talented and gifted student support programs, our solutions are easy to use, flexible, and designed to provide value right out of the box.

The Importance of a Robust Accountability Reporting System

Learn More About How We Support Accountability Analytics

ESSA encourages districts to evaluate student achievement from a comprehensive perspective rather than relying solely on standardized test scores. However, this open-endedness presents a new challenge: transforming multiple types student data (not just test scores) into actionable insights.

What’s more, since ESSA introduces sets of requirements that are both unique to each district and applicable at the state level, it can be difficult for superintendents to connect the dots from their big picture reporting to what their teachers and principals are doing on a daily basis to drive improvements to student outcomes across their districts.

To help you overcome these challenges, Hoonuit’s Accountability Reporting solution suite helps you empower your district and school leadership teams to track long-term goals with more precision and purpose. Our solution helps you make smarter decisions by aligning your accountability reporting with your day-to-day strategic planning. With Hoonuit’s support, districts can:

  • Ensure educators understand accountability planning by helping them recognize how they fit into a district’s overarching initiatives and annual goals.
  • Encourage educators to think beyond test scores by offering them tools that paint more holistic pictures of their students.
  • Provide transparency to stakeholders with real-time access to ESSA reporting and key metrics.
  • Foster data literacy to ensure educators know how to access, interpret, and leverage complex data sets into practical strategic planning.
Streamlining Continuous School Improvement Planning

Discover 4 Steps to Making School Improvement Plans Actionable

By adopting a continuous improvement mentality — one focused on establishing clear, definitive goals for ongoing annual improvement — district leaders can empower their departments to create positive long-term change throughout their districts.

Developing school improvement plans each year can be time-consuming and sometimes subjective or circumstantial. In the past, school improvement plans have been built around anecdotal evidence or even administrators’ intuition, and have often failed to make an impact because they have not been rooted in data-driven insights. Access to actionable data and clear-cut processes that are embedded in a district’s data platform not only make these plans easier to build, communicate, and execute on, but improve the quality of the plans themselves.

Hoonuit’s suite of solutions allows superintendents to leverage advanced data analytics to level-up their districts’ school improvement plans. By leveraging data effectively, superintendents can transform school improvement planning from a confusing, once-per-year endeavor into a straightforward, continuous four-step process: create goals, develop an action plan, track data, and examine the results.

In addition to taking these four steps, a superintendent should strive to create a district-wide culture of support and provide on-the-ground professional development for teachers and school leaders — both of which are made easier by the integrated actions Hoonuit delivers.

Fostering a Data Culture

Take a Look at Our Integrated Actions Solution Showcase

According to a recent study, almost two-thirds of teachers say that data and digital tools make them better teachers. In recent years, however, educators’ access to data has outpaced the rate at which they’ve been given the resources to learn how to analyze and use this data in a meaningful way. This means that, even though schools have been able to collect a great deal of student data, educators are often left to figure out how to put this data to use on their own — some less successfully than others.

As such, it’s important for superintendents to develop district-wide data cultures that ensure teachers, counselors, principals, and other stakeholders are actively encouraged to access, interpret, and utilize data in their daily activities — and are supported in doing so when necessary.

To help superintendents (and other leaders) deliver this support in a timely, productive fashion, Hoonuit has embedded two tools — What to Do and Integrated Professional Development — directly into our data analytics platform. What to Do provides educators with context and next step suggestions for metrics that are displayed in Hoonuit dashboards, while Integrated Professional Development helps educators develop effective instruction, student readiness, and community engagement practices.

In addition to these tools, we’ve outlined five important considerations for building a data-driven culture, and we help our partners develop such a culture in a couple ways:

  • Offering built-in tools that maximize the results of your investment in data and enhance student outcomes.
  • Providing solution suites that are built by former educators in tandem with school district partners, meaning they’re built to meet your actual needs.
Picking the Right Data Partner

For a school district to get the most value out of its student data, its educators must be able to access, understand, and leverage digital tools with ease. As such, it’s incredibly important for superintendents and district leaders to ensure that their student data isn’t siloed and that their data analytics solutions provide the right level of access to the broadest spectrum of stakeholders possible.

Discover how we support each of your departments:

Fortunately, with the right data partner — one who will work with you to roll out and customize cutting-edge data analytics solutions in a way that works for your district — superintendents have the ability to usher in a new era of data-driven decision-making in their districts that will help improve outcomes for all.

Learn why Hoonuit is the ideal data partner for your district.

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