How Hoonuit Supports Business and Operations Teams

Posted by Mandy GroenO

August 20, 2019

As their responsibilities continue to grow, district business and operations teams must find efficient, effective ways to transform raw data into actionable insights.

As school districts continue to integrate data analytics into both their daily and long-term strategies, business and operations teams are being given more responsibilities than ever before. From overseeing financial policies to conducting analyses for annual school budget planning, business and operations teams face a slew of tasks that can be difficult for them to organize and execute on their own.

At Hoonuit, we understand that increasingly dynamic enrollment numbers and climbing expectations regarding the granularity of financial reporting are making business and operations teams’ jobs more challenging, which is why we’re committed to helping these teams improve their processes while ensuring school budgets are being used as efficiently as possible. From helping you comply with ESSA requirements to helping you craft fiscal policies that are informed by relevant student data, Hoonuit can help transform your district with the power of data-driven decision-making.

Improving Districtwide Operations

In an era defined by proliferating student data and emerging technologies, school districts face a variety of opportunities to maximize their resources in creative new ways. Gone are the days of relying on anecdotal evidence or subjective measurements — with the power of data analytics, your business and operations teams can now achieve a high level of granularity across their initiatives. This presents an exciting opportunity to get more mileage out of every dollar of funding allocated to your district.

Of course, this is easier said than done. It has always been a challenge to make sense of large volumes of siloed data, especially when this data is spread across many systems managed by stakeholders working in departments ranging from finance to HR to student information. Without a centralized warehouse for all a district’s data, business and operations teams face an uphill climb to leverage data analytics in their critical initiatives.

Fortunately, by using Hoonuit’s Operations Analysis solution to bring together disparate data sources, business and operations teams can bypass these challenges and optimize their resource allocation, better understand their schools’ climates and organizational cultures, and support the wellbeing of every student with meaningful data.

Hiring and Nurturing the Best Talent

Managing their district’s pool of human resources is a critical responsibility, but there are many obstacles business and operations teams face when fine-tuning their talent pipelines. For one, a majority of districts don’t have a centralized warehouse that combines their HR data with student data, and even those that do often lack the ability to efficiently analyze the data that has been collected. Without access to the proper tools, teams struggle to translate this raw data into insights that will lead to right-fit hires.

Luckily, Hoonuit offers a leadership tracking system that enables district leaders to apply research-based data analytics to the principal and teacher hiring processes. Hoonuit will work with your district to apply data analytics to the leadership talent pipeline in a way that will enable you to make better hires on a consistent basis.

For example, a consortium of three Georgia school districts and one university recently chose Hoonuit as its data partner. In partnership with Hoonuit, the consortium built a state-of-the-art leader tracking system (LTS). The LTS was designed to provide data loading, storage, and reporting functionalities to facilitate a variety of major steps in the hiring process. In addition to helping with immediate hires, the system also enables recruitment teams to decide whether an internal promotion or outside hire will be best for any given role.

Insight into Enrollment Forecasting

In order for business and operations teams to make important decisions about staffing, facilities, transportation, and program planning, they must have access to both current enrollment data and future enrollment projections. Access to raw enrollment numbers is not enough, though — business and operations teams must have access to data on student demographics, location, special needs, and more if they are to make the aforementioned decisions with precision and purpose.

Unfortunately, enrollment forecasting can present a number of difficulties for business and operations teams. There are countless factors that can affect how many — and what kinds of — students enroll in a school. As a result, it can be challenging for business and operations teams to ensure students have access to the resources they need, especially for more individualized considerations like special transportation accommodations and unique support programs.

Hoonuit helps bridge this planning gap by offering state-of-the art enrollment forecasts. We’ll work with your district to create realistic “what if” scenarios by leveraging dynamic data in a meaningful, interactive, and accessible way. With this support, business and operations teams can engage in ongoing analyses of enrollment data and ensure their resource planning is undertaken with an eye trained on the most likely scenarios.

What’s more, Hoonuit combines data from non-traditional sources to draw meaningful connections between school enrollment data and community data. For example:

  • We utilize housing studies to determine how many — and what kinds of — new housing is being built in an area, and use this data to predict incoming student enrollment profiles.
  • We improve growth planning by analyzing school capacity studies alongside enrollment forecasts.
The Power of Location and Student Data

Now part of the Hoonuit suite of solutions, DecisionInsite is an enrollment analytics and geographic information system provider that features advanced location and boundary capabilities. Hoonuit’s newly bolstered Enrollment Analytics solution gives business and operations teams the ability to visualize student data in innovative ways that help them make smarter decisions. For example, leaders on these teams can now:

  • View attendance zones and district boundaries on web pages. These dynamic visual data points can be accessed on any laptop, desktop, or tablet.
  • Plot students across real-world maps and add built-in and customizable attributes that are specific to your district’s planning needs.
  • Access historical and projected enrollment reports to make predictive decisions for resource allocation.

Armed with these capabilities, business and operations teams are able to plan new programs and implement tailored supports for specific students with unparalleled effectiveness. Just imagine using Hoonuit’s Early Warning and Intervention solution to identify students who are at risk of not graduating. By pairing these insights with our Enrollment Analytics solution, business and operations teams can plot struggling students on a map, and then ensure a special support program is held in a location that will be easily accessible to everyone who it would benefit.

The Hoonuit Solution

At Hoonuit, we understand that data analytics are a powerful tool. But without a committed data partner, it can be difficult to turn silos of raw data into actionable, impactful information that can be utilized in business and operations planning. Learn why Hoonuit is the right data partner for you by visiting our website today!

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