Health Analytics Bring Key Insights to District Partners

Posted by Sarah SingerO

October 15, 2020

While data and insights around the physical and emotional health of students have long been valued by our school district partners, the havoc COVID-19 has brought to our systems has heightened the need for this information. Going forward it will be critical for education leaders to understand the history and current health status of their educators and students. 

Data around health and well-being provides the insights leaders need to make decisions about their systems and forecast issues coming down the road. Currently, many schools struggle to consistently track student health data and conduct accurate health and wellness analyses. As a result, Hoonuit has built dashboards and metrics around Health and Wellness within its Operations Analytics solution suite. 

Hoonuit’s ability to serve as a true data warehouse allows our district partners to seamlessly connect and integrate independent data sources and provides a complete view of all of their data – including correlations between student health data and education outcomes. 

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Hoonuit helps education agencies capture key health information and proactively tracking health and wellness trends. Our platform has the ability to ingest data from outside sources including health departments (health alerts), SIS systems (immunizations and conditions), and health software systems (office visits, screenings, and results).

Using Hoonuit’s Health and Wellness dashboards, administrators and wellness staffs are positioned to understand how common conditions such as asthma, allergies, diabetes – and yes, COVID-19 – are impacting their students today. In the longer term, education agencies will be positioned to study the effects of concussions on student attendance and achievement.

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Below is a sample of the health and wellness questions that can be answered utilizing standard content in Hoonuit’s Operations Analytics solution suite.

  • What percentage of our students have conditions such as asthma, allergies, and diabetes?
  • What are the most frequent medical conditions in our system?
  • What is the ratio of major medical conditions by school?
  • How many of our students have been tested for COVID-19? When did they get tested? How many have tested positive? Which school do they attend?
  • How many staff members have been tested for COVID-19? When did they get tested? How many have tested positive? Which school do they work at?
  • How many students have reported close contact to someone who has or is suspected to have COVID-19? 
  • COVID-19 positive by class, including teacher and student roster 
  • COVID-19 positive by bus number, including student roster 
  • What percentage of students are compliant by immunization? 
  • Which schools are the most compliant with student immunizations? 
  • How many office visits are we seeing in each school?
  • What symptoms are we seeing in schools? (i.e. fever, headache, cough, sore throat, etc.) 
  • What is the percentage of symptoms by type? And, by location?

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