Customer Spotlight: Enrollment Projections for Anaheim City School District

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Anaheim City School District has been on a multi-track, staggered session calendar for several years in an effort to handle over-crowding. In recent years, declining enrollment required the district to consider making changes to its current calendar configuration and attendance boundaries.


While a decline in enrollment was predicted and expected, the rate of decline was far greater than anyone anticipated. On average, Anaheim City was losing 700-800 students each year. The district could not find a way to accurately project this rate of decline and after being off projection by 330 students for the 2004-2005 school year, finding a reliable enrollment projection solution became even more critical. The district needed reliable enrollment projections that would look forward five and ten years in order to assess and investigate alternative calendar and boundary configurations and ensure that students would not be required to change schools more than once.


In the spring of 2006, Anaheim City School District contracted with us for enrollment projections and use of our Location Analytics technology. In their first year, our projections came within 86 students! The district also used several tools in our platform to create countless calendar and boundary configuration scenarios.


In January 2007, the Board approved attendance boundary changes at 14 schools and the movement of 17 schools to single track. The goal is to create neighborhood schools within walking distance for students and to benefit as many students as possible. The District held 25 meetings in the community to explain how and why these changes were made. They made it clear to parents that their intention is for students to only change schools once. More reliable projections also helped the District allow for a certain number of transfers between schools for students who want to remain where they are. Our Enrollment Analytics solution made it possible for Anaheim City School District to get a handle on enrollment projections and hone in on details necessary to make appropriate decisions about school calendar and boundary configuration.

“Their team is extremely flexible and responsive to our needs—customizing many features that have helped our analytical abilities as a District, plus, with The DI System, it’s so easy to access information quickly. I’ve even had a city official call to ask me a question about our census data because they know how quick and easy it is for me to provide information that would take them a lot longer to find.”

Tom Rizzuti, Facilities Planner, Anaheim City School District

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