Customer Spotlight: Data Helps to Fuel Keller ISD’s ‘Culture of Belonging’

Posted by Ignacio YbarraO

September 14, 2020

Keller ISD is a K-12 public school district located in Tarrant County, Texas. It serves a diverse and fast-growing community comprised of 36,000 students across its 43 campuses. In the fall of 2019, they launched a forward-thinking initiative called the Culture of Belonging to celebrate individuality, diverse cultures, and different ethnicities while fostering a safe and inclusive environment for students, staff, and families. 

The long-term goal for committee members of Culture of Belonging is to propose a wide-ranging district equity plan. This equity plan will address each area that their subcommittees are supporting such as student supports, staff supports, and academics. The hope is the equity plan will clearly define the district’s stance on important issues related to equity and become an integral part of the Keller ISD strategic plan.

Leveraging Data for Key Insights

Marjorie Martinez, Assessment Coordinator at Keller ISD, is a founding member of Culture of Belonging. “Over the summer we were charged with forming subcommittee, our piece is the assessment and the data component. In conjunction with about 50 other people in the district, we collect various pieces of data and share it out with principals, teachers, staff, and eventually the community,” said Martinez.

Currently, 39 campuses are meeting monthly and developing their focus. The committee is growing rapidly and eventually every campus at Keller ISD will be represented. “Culture of Belonging is a key to meet the needs of our community, teachers, staff and students. Since I started this position almost 10 years ago, we have been talking about data dashboards for campuses as it pertains to the relative climate and culture in our communities,” explained Martinez.

“Hoonuit dashboards have made it so much easier to share data with our campuses,” she says. “One of the things that we were asked to compile is data based on ethnicity. In years past, this would have taken months of preparation, and unfortunately the data would have been stagnant. It would’ve only been as good as the second I pulled it, and then it would have taken months to pull it again and create the same presentation. Using Hoonuit, I was able to compile all of the data points quickly and I didn’t have to give up other assignments and other projects to solely focus on this. I was able to do this alongside all my other duties and responsibilities. Every single campus received a personalized PowerPoint showing specific data for their campus.”

 “The Hoonuit product is accessible, understandable, and user friendly. It is very intuitive and everyone using it at Keller ISD is loving it and cannot say enough positive things about it.” 

–  Marjorie Martinez, Assessment Coordinator

Hoonuit Dashboard Examples

Martinez and Keller ISD were gracious enough to share a few examples of the dashboard and metrics that the Culture of Belonging committee relies upon from the Hoonuit data and analytics platform. Their campus names have been removed to protect the identity of their students. 


“I generated the information we wanted in Hoonuit about students that were enrolled. I took out the withdrawal information because I really wanted to just focus on the number of students enrolled and growth over the course of a few years. Previously, this would have taken so many more hours to consolidate data and pull it from different platforms. Now it is just two clicks.” – Marjorie Martinez

Student Diversity

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“Here we showed how the diversity of students changed over the course of the same years. The color coding is great. That campuses love that. It emphasizes how easy and smooth it is for us to grab what we need from Hoonuit and then turn around and share it with campuses. It is equally easy for campuses to understand and read the data, which is huge … we are not having to pull it and then reconfigure it to make it accessible by our campuses. We just literally take it from Hoonuit and present it.” – Marjorie Martinez

Incidents by Grade Level and Day of the Week

“These are two different charts we put on the same page. It’s concise and clear. It’s just not jumbled with a bunch of extra information that campuses don’t need, which they appreciate.” – Marjorie Martinez

The Hoonuit team is proud to play a part in Keller ISD’s data journey.  We look forward to learning more about the insights derived from their Culture of Belonging initiative and their impact on student success.

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