Customer Spotlight: Corona-Norco Unified School District Increased Efficiency & Confidence

Posted by Andrea GronbergO


Corona-Norco Unified School District has experienced fast-paced growth in the last five years. Since 2000, the district has added six elementary schools, one intermediate school and three high schools. There are plans to include one new elementary, intermediate and high school by 2012.


Accurate projections and boundary changes. The district has few trends to follow when it comes to projections and the recent slow-down of housing development makes this even more challenging.


Corona-Norco uses our Location Analytics technology extensively to make decisions about boundary changes. With the polygon tool, they can quickly determine how many students are in each area and what the ethnicity percentages are so the boundary committee can make educated decisions based on real numbers. Additionally, the high-res photos provided by Eagle Aerial make it easy to keep track of residential development right from a desktop. There is no need to drive around to each site and view the progress.


Our solution helps Corona-Norco save time and build rapport with parents and community members. It used to be a very time consuming process to determine the impact of boundary changes using hand-manipulation. And keeping tabs on residential development required days of driving from one site to the next. Now, everything can be done from a desktop with simple point and click tools, and parents have greater confidence in decisions about boundary changes.

“The DI System makes it much easier to explain the ‘why’ behind boundary changes. Parents aren’t always happy with the decisions we’ve made, but they can see the numbers themselves and understand the rationale behind them.”

Nancy Baker, Supervisor, Planning Department, Corona-Norco Unified School District

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