Customer Spotlight: Bullitt County Public Schools

Posted by Sarah SingerO

August 8, 2019

Bullitt County Public Schools, Kentucky selects Hoonuit as their data solution partner to guide their decision making and improve the school experience.

“Hoonuit was the only option that literally encompassed everything a school district does.” – Adrienne Usher, Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning

Adrienne Usher’s search for a data solution for Bullitt County Public Schools (BCPS) began when she was the Director of Elementary Education. Upon discovering that academic and non-academic data sources were dispersed, this lack of clarity posed a barrier to district decision making from instructional to budgetary.

In her current role as Assistant Superintendent of Student Learning, after taking the necessary time to evaluate all options, Usher and team pursued a partnership with Hoonuit to give BCPS a comprehensive platform to centralize all data sources to gain a true picture of their district, their students, and their community.

A Personalized Solution Creates Clarity

In their search for a data solution, the district required a system that could input, centralize and surface any kind of data, not just at the district level but also for the schools and classrooms themselves. Hoonuit offered a configurable solution they hadn’t found anywhere else, allowing them to create accountability for their decision-making teams, from HR to budget planning, gathering student learnings and tracking students at risk of not graduating. For Usher, the key was a platform that had multiple uses to drive decision making. She envisioned the data collected to be used as a tool to inform the Board of Education, parents and the community on where the district is, and where it’s going.

Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

“Are we moving kids, our community, forward?” That’s the question BCPS wanted to answer. Ahead of the ‘19-20 school year, the district has begun working with CF Educational Solutions to better identify what’s working, and not working for their district. With this in mind, they’re collecting data from different community groups and stakeholders to build the profile of a graduate in their district. The goal is to process this data using Hoonuit’s data analytics solution and use it as a scorecard, to better measure if they’re meeting their goals.

Integral to the graduate profile is a better understanding of the early warning at-risk indicators surrounding attendance and truancy in their district. Using Hoonuit’s Early Warning & Intervention Solution Suite Bullitt County Public Schools’ vision is to understand: What strategies are working? Do they have the data to prove it? What other indicators can they use that they haven’t before? The ability to easily surface and understand what the data is telling them and in turn, respond effectively is central to addressing these questions.  

What Success Looks Like

The district is kicking off their ’19-20 school year with Hoonuit’s Essentials and Student Success Solution Suite. During the first half of the upcoming school year, the district will partner with Hoonuit to gain insight into which students are on track to meet Kentucky’s Transition Ready standards. Next, they’ll roll the platform out to the schools and principals in the second half of the year, empowering them to make data-driven decisions and get their feedback on which data is the most impactful and helpful at the school level.

This plan is in partnership with a unique role in BCPS: Mr. Lee Barger, Director of College and Career Readiness. The Director’s job is to make sure students are meeting the college and career readiness standards set by the state of Kentucky. Utilizing Hoonuit’s Student Success Solution Suite will help schools own this data and better understand how they can support their students to reach their full potential.

Finishing the Data Puzzle

Looking to the future, Usher is excited to partner with Hoonuit to help drive decisions that improve the school experience not just for students, but also for the staff and the community at large. Uncovering their needs, and how they can best respond to them will improve all aspects of BCPS. Hoonuit will help them take the puzzle pieces of their district, from different departments, schools, and individuals, to create the larger picture. We’re looking forward to following their story and discovering how Hoonuit is helping Bullitt County Public Schools turn data into insights, and those insights into action.


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