What’s New with Hoonuit’s Professional Learning Solution

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Rooted in technology training and with the knowledge of educators, researchers, and subject matter experts, we have transformed our approach to professional learning for K-12 districts, Regional Offices of Education and Higher Education Institutions. Through cutting-edge technology and high-quality content, Hoonuit has created a solution that supports teacher effectiveness, parent and community engagement, and student readiness to positively impact student success.


Content Creation Toolkit


Our professional learning delivery system has the capabilities for learners to access the online learning they need when and where they need it. Moving past the sit-and-get style of professional development, we have created an interactive and application-based solution that is fully customizable to meet your district initiatives now and in the future. Our powerful content creation toolkit allows administrators to customize learning to specific district needs by importing your own content or modifying existing Hoonuit courses, assessments and learning pathways; it even gives you the ability to build your own micro-credential programs. This toolkit was made with school districts in mind, to develop and deliver effective learning to both educators and students that are aligned to district initiatives.


Updated User Experience


We have created a user experience that is interactive, relevant, and customized to each user. Our user interface has gotten a face lift, and we are excited to show it off! The intuitive home and supporting pages make finding the right professional learning content seamless; we have made it our goal to give learners 1000s of courses at their fingertips. With our outcome-based learning framework integrated into each learning module and pathway, it gives learners the ability to apply their learning right away and collaborate with the Hoonuit community.


Learning Pathways


To take our individual modules deeper, we have created comprehensive learning pathways. These are groupings of individual modules that guide learners through a well-rounded and in-depth study of a specific topic.


Pathway topics range from Strategies for Systemic Support for Students and Research Insights Specific to Some African American Student Experiences to Illustrator Creative Cloud 2018 Essentials. With over 40 pathways and growing, we are continually adding relevant content to our library so that educators can continue to have access to the most applicable resources. A program leader can also completely create their own pathway, pulling in various modules from our library or creating their own content to include within the pathway.





Our pathways, a group of modules around a similar topic, also grant learners’ the ability to earn micro-credentials on that specific topic. This sustained way to badge initiatives gives program administrators an outlet to deliver, manage and store all of learners’ micro-credentials. Additionally, leaders are able to customize and create their own micro-credentials based on their school and district initiatives. They can also badge a pathway they have created on their own. Micro-credentials within professional learning not only give learners an extra sense of accomplishment, but it gives them the opportunity to self-promote and position themselves as an expert on a topic.



Accessibility Tools


We understand that students, parents and community members can represent a diverse population of stakeholders that you still want to reach and have a solution that can be accessed and leveraged by all.

Hoonuit provides on-demand video encoding, transcriptions and closed captions, including the ability to translate into nine languages and read those languages aloud. This is available for all Hoonuit-provided content the district may choose to leverage as well as applied to any learning content districts develop in-house.



Tracking and Reporting


The importance of knowing where your teachers and students are in their learning efforts is extremely important. We provide intuitive, onscreen reporting for individual learners to track progress and for program administrators to understand to be sure that they are aligning with your district objectives and their individual goals.



We are excited to share with you all of the work we have done to our professional learning delivery system to help you build meaningful learning experiences for your educators, staff, students and the community to positively impact your initiatives.


Learn more about our full solution here.

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