What does effective PD look like?

Posted by Megan GrossardtO

April 2, 2018

Effective professional development comes in many shapes and sizes, but has a main outcome: improve instructional strategies to impact student outcomes.


The common steps taken to reach this outcome are:

  • Uncover students’ classroom needs for success
  • Evaluate the knowledge and skills that educators need to address student needs
  • Decide what professional development is required to gain the necessary knowledge and skills
  • Make sure you are supported in your efforts
  • Display the evidence showing that educators can apply their new learning to improve instruction and address student needs


One roadblock you may face is not having the time or resources to receive the PD necessary to reach the outcomes you desire. At Hoonuit, we understand this and are committed to helping by doing the heavy lifting for you through our Learning Framework in our online, outcome-based modules, which follows the Understanding by Design Framework. We work with subject matter experts and thought leaders to develop research-based modules that promote teacher growth and student understanding and achievement. Our modules provide viewers with learning outcomes, something to strive to meet that promote accountability and diligence.


From there, a viewer participates in our Learning Framework in four parts: learning the content, putting what you learned into practice, collaborating with our community by sharing your insights and finally testing your knowledge through one of our assessments. The framework goes beyond the insufficient “sit-and-get” PD and immediately puts into action what you learned. It demonstrates mastery and encourages active learning, providing an accomplishment to work toward.


We continue to come out with new and relevant content to meet your needs. All our content is aligned with state and national teaching standards and follows our Learning Framework format. We want to see all teachers succeed in their professional development efforts to impact student success and are committed to providing you with the most impactful and engaging content.


To learn more about our learning framework, check out our Professional Learning page.

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