How Technology Helps Teachers Personalize Learning

Posted by Jaime DonallyO

March 26, 2018

Edtech empowers teachers to connect with students, makes classes more engaging, and helps teachers track student success.


Any teacher will tell you that no two students are the same. The intent to help each student reach their potential is more complex than adding a few new technology tools into a lesson.


Some students thrive in math while others are aspiring artists. We encounter students thriving in small group settings while others do their best to study alone. In just one classroom, student skills, interests, and abilities can vary greatly.


One way that teachers can manage students’ varying interests and abilities is through personalized learning, an approach to education that tailors— and ultimately enriches — instruction to address the needs and interests of each student. Technology can serve as a crucial partner for teachers implementing personalized learning. It can empower educators to connect with students, make classes more engaging, and motivate students to take an active role in their education.


A is for Access


With limited class time, it can be challenging for teachers to address the needs of dozens of pupils, often spread across several class periods. That’s where technology comes in — both inside and outside the classroom. Tech-driven personalized learning offers educators the chance to create and strengthen connections with every student — in turn providing a complete picture of which students need assistance completing assignments and reaching class objectives.


The right LMS platform can function as an online portal where students can access resources and homework assignments, reach out to teachers to ask questions, and receive instruction directly from teachers. The LMS not only provides students with an opportunity to connect with their teachers outside of class, but also means that teachers can spend less class time answering questions, passing out assignments, or going through administrative tasks that can be managed in a designated place online. The result? Better, more meaningful student-teacher relationships inside the classroom.


Tool Time


Student engagement is a crucial piece of the personalized learning puzzle. The more students are empowered to take ownership of their education, the more likely they’ll be to discover a method of learning that works for — and ultimately motivates — them. Thankfully, there is an abundance of new and emerging AR/VR resources, design programs, passion projects and more that gives them the freedom to choose the way in which they discover and create.


To that end, it’s important to fight the assumption that every student in a class needs to do exactly the same activity at the same time. Simply giving students a choice of what tools they use and how they apply those tools to their assignments enables kids to creatively engage with and tackle their coursework. Teachers can direct students to the tech tools that they know will resonate — for example, they might direct a tech-savvy teen toward a VR program to learn more about a different culture, while an artistically inclined student might use a digital storytelling program to illustrate what they’ve learned.


Right on Track


With new technology emerging every day, there are countless new opportunities for teachers to help students engage. But it can be overwhelming to not only choose from among so many options but master each new tool before sharing with students. That’s where Hoonuit comes in.


Our robust online library gives teachers 24/7 access to instructional content that covers today’s cutting-edge tools and programs — from Adobe Creative Cloud to how to incorporate Minecraft in the classroom.


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