How Hoonuit Content Helps in Personalizing Learning

Posted by Megan GrossardtO

March 21, 2018

Professional development is continuing to evolve and one size fits all doesn’t always necessarily work. States, districts, schools, and PLCs are continuing to create and piece together PD to help achieve their goals. What has emerged as an important inclusion in PD is learning how to personalize classroom teaching for all students’ needs. Educators need the resources to consume professional development content that outlines how to best instruct the students in their classroom to reach their overall goal.


This is where differentiated instruction comes into play.


Differentiation is important because a teaching style that works for one student may not work for another. Teachers need to leverage a wide range of instructional strategies to incorporate diverse learning styles and react responsively to all learners’ needs.


Hoonuit provides several online modules that cover specific instructional strategies to help educators personalize their teaching style to each of their students. Our modules provide context and research behind the certain technique, give strategy and classroom application, and in some cases, incorporate technology tips & examples. Some of the modules surrounding personalized learning include Socratic Seminars, Create & Manage an In-Class Flipped Classroom and Differentiated Techniques & Basics.


To give you an idea of the outcomes of a module, we highlighted one of our top courses, Differentiated Techniques & Basics. In this module, you will dive deep into the research behind differentiation and how to implement it right into your classroom techniques. It goes in depth behind the three areas to focus on when differentiating your instruction: content, process, and product. The module provides you with ways to remain flexible in the classroom; how to be willing to do whatever it takes to help students meet the same standard in education. It explains how to incorporate different styles of teaching to appeal to all levels of interest in the subject and the varying levels of learning within a classroom. Our module finally outlines how to integrate technology purposefully to differentiate content, process and products students are learning through.




Check out the Differentiated Techniques & Basics course preview and see some of the other personalized learning modules we have in our library.


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