Hoonuit’s Customizable Course Authoring for Personalized PD

Posted by Megan GrossardtO

December 7, 2017

One-size does not fit all when it comes to professional development. States, districts, schools and Professional Learning Communities are consistently creating and piecing together PD to help them achieve their specific goals. With the new ESSA plans released and new requirements for professional development, this need is only going to intensify.


The answer?


Professional learning specific to your state and local initiatives with flexibility and scalability to meet state and local requirements while achieving your district’s goals.


Hoonuit’s frequently used feature in our professional development solution allows administrators from your district to make use of our existing library, modify the content we have already created or completely create their own content to fit exactly what is needed to be taught at that district, at that time. We spoke with Education Technology Trainer for Oklahoma City Public Schools, Mandy Govia, about her experience with professional development. She expressed that they needed an “anytime anyplace professional learning opportunity.” Prior to implementing Hoonuit’s professional development solution, Mandy expressed that their largest challenge around professional development was the “lack of man power and ability to hire additional trainers.” Time was also an issue and they needed a ‘work at your own pace’ framework. Hoonuit was able to provide those resources for Oklahoma City Public Schools. Mandy voiced that our solution has “built credibility with [their] staff” and that it “fits right into [their] plans as [they’re] moving forward into the next few years with [their] professional learning plan,” which is a major win for their district.


So now you’re probably wondering how it works!


Administrator accounts through our platform can customize modules and author their own courses. Key features include being able to tag an application or concept, meaning that once the customized module is completed, anyone in your district with a Hoonuit login can search for this newly created learning module and it is exclusive just to your district. This allows you to include topics specific to your state or district, content that may be relevant to a new tool you are adopting such as Chromebooks or Smartboards without having to worry about whether it is relevant to our whole Hoonuit community or not.


We’re taking customization to a whole new level.


You’re able to rearrange sections within an existing module, eliminate certain videos that are not relevant or combine multiple Hoonuit modules together. You can also add your own videos and images into parts of the existing format. Feel free to recreate the way they look using your brand guidelines too! Finally, you can assign your newly created module to certain people in your district. From there, administrators can track who has completed the module and who may need more time or assistance.


Coming soon, we will be expanding our course authoring to make customizing your course content even easier! This includes the ability to group courses together to create a full pathway however you see fit. One other upcoming feature is the ability to completely create your own assessments at the end of each course.


We understand that designing the right professional development content can be time consuming and we want to make sure that you are empowered. Being able to author your own courses to fit your district’s needs saves time and allows you to focus your time on where you are needed most.


To explore creating your own custom content. Check out our professional development solution.

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