Building Makers with #GlobalMakerDay

Posted by Jaime DonallyO

October 6, 2017

Global Maker Day is all about students creating. The passion to start this event began by giving our students the spotlight to demonstrate their genius. Having previously hosted events that bring educators and classrooms together to collaborate on educational topics, the necessity to move beyond discussion into action was the next step.


The start of #GlobalMakerDay began spring of 2016 to inspire our classrooms to think different about making. Often, there’s a false belief that we must have a costly makerspace in order to have maker activities, however, #GlobalMakerDay shows the benefits of maker lessons while highlighting the ease and flexibility within the curriculum.


One of the greatest benefits of creating a maker culture in our classrooms is developing problem solving skills. Rarely are we given a perfect situation in life, and we need to creatively adjust to problems we face. The ability to thrive under any circumstance should be a regular practice in our classroom, and maker activities provide these opportunities.


Have we limited our students? Ask yourself these questions. Have you ever put them to the test beyond their requirements? Do you embrace failure as a way to move forward? Do we only ask what’s expected most of the time? Given a blank slate, what are your students capable of making?


Our students can do so much more than successful completion of grades. #GlobalMakerDay is just one day, but it can be everyday when embarrassed by our classrooms. We are already beginning to see this shift happen through makerspaces, but it’s time for every classroom to be a makerspace.


Having the right resources to begin is important. I’ve created modules in Hoonuit with resources to create a maker environment. As our students move from consumer to producers, incorporating regular activities in your lessons can support their growth as makers. Below you will find three modules that provide specific maker activities that require little to no money.


Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 11.56.48 AM.png

Students as Digital Creators

Create a culture of making in your classroom to encourage innovation, creativity and student investment in their work. Implement these digital tools and empower students to design, build and create. Classroom application, lesson ideas and resources will help you bring the maker concept into your daily lesson plans. The time has come for students to go from watchers to makers and now is your chance to open these doors in your classroom.



Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 11.34.53 AM.png

Using Live Video for Student Projects

In this learning module, learn how students will use live video streaming to advertise a created product. The product can be imagined, but will be presented as a real product that is open to the public for purchase/use. While advertising the product, the students will use several platforms to share using live video streaming while practicing good digital citizenship when using these tools. The tutorials will walk the student through how to use specific features to help support the advertisement of the product. A rubric is also available to assess the student’s presentation and influence while sharing the product.


Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 11.37.04 AM.png

Use Technology to Support and Fulfill Student Standards

Having technology integration requires more than computer games on a given topic. In this online training series, we will explore ways technology tools can support and fulfill student standards. The expectations in using technology has grown as the tools purchased are underutilized. As technology is being evaluated in classroom usage, developing purposeful technology lessons are vital to the success of your students.



Register to attend #GlobalMakerDay and be inspired and challenged by educators, students and businesses that have found making to be part of their everyday success. The event starts on October 24th and you’ll receive more details on how to participate following registration.


Will you be at #MassCue17? Join us as we provide relevant maker activities in the CUELand on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Participate in creating 360 images, using 3D pens to make video props and coding activities using Sphero and more.

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