Addressing the Needs of ELLs with Hoonuit’s New Media Player

Posted by Megan GrossardtO

January 17, 2018

Did you know that there are at least 350 different languages spoken in U.S. homes today? There’s a significant chance that English Language Learners in your classroom go home speaking another language and their parents may not speak English at all.


Need some specifics?


92% of fourth grade ELLs scored below proficiency on the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress reading exams. Older ELLs struggle more than younger students and are significantly more likely to drop out of high school than their native English-speaking peers. By 2025, ELLs will make up one in every four students.


These alarming facts, coupled with poor academic performance, are forcing educators to reassess the way they interact with ELL students in their classrooms. However, teachers lack the tools to address the needs of ELLs, authentic and culturally relevant experiences, and engagement opportunities with families and communities.


How can we help solve this growing need?


With standards surrounding accessibility for ELLs, like WIDA and TESOL, becoming more significant, we are adapting accordingly. There is a growing challenge for many to understand material in the classroom through technology channels. To align with the technology needs, we have enhanced our media player to provide additional support to ELL programs, communities of parents in which English is not their primary language, and immersion and language programs.


How does it work?


We have the capability to translate our market-leading library of videos as well as allow users to create their own videos and instantaneously have it available in other languages.


Here’s a glimpse of what it looks like! 



First, you will be able to listen to the content that we have in English, in another language and from there, the videos will also be transcribed into text.


The transcripts of the video will be searchable, so you can jump from one part of the video to another part by selecting a word or phrase! This may be extremely useful in online higher education courses that you build for your students. Your courses can be easily accessible for all your students, no matter the language they learn best in. Additionally, the closed captions can be translated from English to the other language (we currently can translate into 9 different languages, with more coming!).


We are confident that this enhancement helps break down the language barrier to keep students engaged in their learning and families partnering with you. We are excited to be at the forefront of the changing education landscape, advancing our solutions to equip you with what you need to truly personalize learning. And we are committed to improve the outcomes of all students, including English Language Learners and supporting their families.


Check out our PD page to learn more about the different learning options for you!


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