9 Simple Ways to Integrate Technology into Any Lesson Plan

Posted by Dr. Courtney TeagueO

October 20, 2017

Another day. Another responsibility.


Educators are required to integrate technology into their global learning rooms (classrooms). Integrating technology into the classroom can be simply adding an iPad to flipping their classroom using videos and audio productions. Relax and check out these 9 simple ways to integrate technology into any lesson plan.




A webquest is an online standards based lesson format. The lesson format requires learners to be engaged in higher order thinking while processing preselected information on an assigned topic. For example, learners are asked to serve as country ambassadors. Learners must search the internet to learn more about the country they will represent. There are other premade webquests available. A webquest is a simple way to begin integrating webquests into lesson plans.


Create a blog

Create a blog to drive discussion beyond the classroom. Blog categories can be created based on the course syllabus. For example, a Language Arts teacher can ask learners a question related to a book they are reading and have them write a short post during the lesson. The learners can then publish the blog post to a global audience. The post can then be used as a reflective assignment.


Video chat an expert

Having a video chat with an expert in any field can provide a new opportunity and experience for learners to demonstrate an understanding of content. Learners can ask experts questions in real-time.


Mystery image

Zoom in on an image until it becomes distorted or enlarged to make visible a small section of the image. Project the image onto a screen. As a lesson activator, have the learners guess the mystery image.


Cartoon me

Turn your learners or yourself into a cartoon. Learners can use the image to share an awesome fact they learned.


Multimedia presentation

Have learners create a multimedia presentation as a review tool before exams. Then use the presentations as a re-teaching tool or introductory tool for the upcoming school year.


Video clips

Use video from movies, news, tutorials, or interviews to engage learners.


Summary slide

Each day a learner can create a one sentence summarizing slide. At the end of a unit, the slides can be compiled and used as a review tool.


Digital handout

Instead of printing hard copies of notes, create a digital handout to share via link or QR code.


With minimal effort, you can easily integrate technology into any lesson plan. For more tech tips and ideas visit www.TechTechTeach.com and follow me on Twitter.


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