Hoonuit’s leadership team strives to inspire innovation and promote greater student achievement for our clients.

Leadership Team

Paul Hesser

Chief Executive Officer

Clay Anderson

Chief Financial Officer

Shivani Stumpf

Chief Technology Officer

Ed Garnett

Vice President, Education Partnerships

Ron Van Orden

Vice President, Education and Enrollment Analytics

Andrea Gronberg

Vice President, Marketing

Sarah Singer

Head of Customer Success

Courtney Stevens

Vice President, Education Research

Tyler Coon

Head of Product

Sujit Maharana

Vice President, Engineering

Sam Bishop

Vice President, Special Projects Software Development

Peter Sa

Managing Director of Professional Services

Education Partnership Executives

Ignacio Ybarra

Vice President, Partnerships

Philip Heimes

Head of Interoperability

Liz Walbrun

Regional Vice President, Education Partnerships

Amy Radich

Regional Vice President, Education Partnerships

Steve Schmitt

Education Partnerships Executive