A Future Built on Partnership: Collaborating Within the Education Ecosystem

Posted by Ignacio YbarraO

November 21, 2019

As a trusted education partner, Hoonuit offers analytics and professional development solutions to help educators turn insights into action and improve student outcomes.

At Hoonuit, our mission is straightforward: create solutions that provide educators with the information and insights they need to serve students and communities to the very best of their abilities.

It’s an ambitious aim — one that takes continuous collaboration, creativity, and innovation to pursue — but in today’s evolving education landscape, the stakes are too high not to push for the mutual success and well-being of school districts, educators, and students.

The obstacles educators face are incredibly nuanced — and solutions that streamline workflows or cut spending in other industries simply don’t work in education. That’s why we’ve built a team with rich experience in the education space.

We’ve partnered with more than 600 districts to create customized solutions that serve educators’ unique needs. Our commitment to technological innovation has helped educators across the country gain access to the insights they need to make meaningful — and sustainable — improvements to student outcomes.

Not Just a Technology Solution, an Education Partner

When it comes to district-level data management, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We work alongside districts to explore the underlying purpose of their priorities and implement solutions based on their specific goals and organizational resources. These partnerships have enabled us to develop a broad range of core competencies over the past 20 years, from cutting-edge data management to best-in-class professional learning integration to intuitive analytics visualizations.

We provide secure dashboards that surface the right information precisely when it’s needed, enabling educators at all levels to take decisive, data-driven action. In order to power those dashboards, we bring together disparate data sources and provide predictive analytics to deliver a comprehensive framework for schools and communities. We also understand that access to data isn’t always enough — that’s why we provide embedded professional learning to ensure educators have the resources they need to put their data into action.

Connecting Education’s Data Ecosystem

Educators should have the freedom to implement and continuously improve their data ecosystem to support their growing needs. To facilitate this freedom, we have and continue to develop strategic partnerships that enable data interoperability aligned to K-12 standards.

For example, we know that pulling together the data necessary to gain a holistic view of all students and programs requires system integrations and organized processes for loading data. The Hoonuit platform is equipped with a variety of prebuilt connectors that enable us to extract data from any student information system. We can also access any assessment, human resources, finance, transportation, food, or other third-party source system (juvenile justice, foster care, National Student Clearinghouse, etc.) and load the data into our longitudinal data warehouse.

Completing the Interoperability Journey

Our work with the Ed-Fi Alliance is a great example of collaboration within the education data community. Ed-Fi is a nonprofit devoted to helping every school district and state achieve data interoperability. We fully endorse this mission, as interoperability is central to the fabric of Hoonuit. Many education agencies have adopted the Ed-Fi data standard — which includes standard data rules and a set of integration tools — to seamlessly connect different data sources.

Hoonuit enables districts and schools to maximize their Ed-Fi work by taking the important next step — helping administrators and educators gain a complete view of their students, classrooms, and schools through our tailored Ed-Fi analytics package. This solution helps educators make the most informed decisions with more than 60 out-of-the-box dashboards and insightful metrics.

The back-end work required to go from data interoperability to providing useful information to educators is critical — and can be challenging. Hoonuit developed an integration that connects a district’s Ed-Fi Operational Data Store (ODS) to our longitudinal education data warehouse, which in turn powers the visualizations in our Ed-Fi analytics solution.

There are many advantages to this deployment. District technology leaders (who too often do not have the benefit of large support staffs) are able to bypass infrastructure and data management challenges by leveraging Hoonuit’s data quality and longitudinal capabilities. The data quality process detects errors and ensures student data records are accurate, while Hoonuit’s longitudinal data warehouse allows analysts to access data over multiple years.

Expert Implementation Support

Many education agencies need implementation support to build their ODS. Enter Double Line, the industry leader in Ed-Fi implementations and a trusted Hoonuit partner. Double Line provides strategic guidance and consulting to reduce operational costs while unifying access across data systems. State agencies and school districts are utilizing Double Line’s expertise with the Ed-Fi technology stack to build a fully managed Ed-Fi ODS — positioning them to take advantage of our data warehouse and analytics solution.

Maximizing Cloud Technology

Our work with Microsoft is another example of a strategic partnership that is improving student outcomes. There are several ways education agencies can combine the power of Hoonuit and Microsoft. For example, the ideal way to host a data warehouse is unique to each school district and education agency. Numerous school districts host Hoonuit’s data programs in the Microsoft Azure cloud with the speed, scale, and security needed to meet their particular needs.

Educators can also take advantage of Microsoft Power BI within the Hoonuit data and analytics platform. We know that there are occasions when a pre-built dashboard — no matter how tailored — may not answer a specific question. Power BI capitalizes on our robust data model to enable a true on-the-fly drag-and-drop ad-hoc reporting experience.

In addition, we use Azure Media Services to provide transcriptions and translation within our professional development platform. School districts and education agencies rely on Hoonuit to provide effective and relevant learning experiences for educators, students, and communities via our robust PD delivery system. Transcriptions and translations via Azure help us facilitate learning in a more personalized manner.

As an education technology provider, we strive to improve student outcomes by getting actionable, timely, data-driven insights into every teacher’s hands. We could not accomplish this without the input of our incredible technology partners, and the dedication of our agency and district partners. It’s tremendous to be part of a company with that mission, and I’m proud that we’ve been able to accomplish so much to help students reach their full potential.

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