A Deeper Dive into Hoonuit’s ESSA Accountability Reporting

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As the school years comes to a close, this is a time to reflect upon recent change and finalize planning for those changes that need to be implemented next school year. In our continued efforts to support districts and schools, Hoonuit has aligned its Essentials data analytics dashboard, making it simple for you to report on exactly what is needed for your state. Your ESSA school accountability requirements are embedded, which will decrease the amount of time spent acclimating to the new requirements and equips you with the tools to impact student success.


With the decreased reliance on standardized testing and an increased emphasis on non-academic metrics like chronicabsenteeism, we have designed our Essentials dashboard around the best way to visually represent and act on this data. Hoonuit’s Essentials dashboard can integrate data from all the necessary sources of your school or district, making it the most seamless interoperability in the market. We do not want you to have to change any of the systems that you are currently using, so we made our solution the one place you access all your critical information from every disparate system your school or district uses. We are able to adhere to your reporting parameters, are flexible to meet your states’ expectations and will give you updated analytics in near real-time.


Take a peek at what this could look like for your district!



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You can also manipulate the display just the way you like it; change the colors or shift around the layout without any engineering skills or background! We know that the upcoming accountability changes can feel daunting, and we want you to know that we designed our solution with you in mind. We strove to give you something easily configurable but also straightforward to interpret, powerful enough to integrate all your disparate systems while simple enough to find the results you are looking for. We are confident that our Essentials Report Card does all of this in just a few clicks.


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